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  • 02-15-2011 5:56 PM

    BeoCom 6000 handset problems

    Good day. I have a BeoCom 6000 hanbdset that does not want to register with the base anymore. It all started with a battery problem. But the "main" handset now refuses to register. The "second" handset became the "main" and the main does not work. The screen writes "HORS DE PORTÉE" , french for "OUT OF RANGE".

    It also seems that the "menu" (black dot) button does not work. DOT 7 does not go in the menu, just writes "7" on the screen. Is this just incidental ?

    Funny fact, the handset shows the last numbers CALLER ID, the REDIAL numbers and also updates the PHONEBOOK. 

    Thank you for helping.

    SERIAL : 104175688535795

    If you can't ... anybody wants to sell 1 or 2 BeoComm 6000 handset (Canada). 

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  • 02-16-2011 2:59 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoCom 6000 handset problems

    unfortunately, i don't have a constructive answer to your problem although i did encounter a similar one in the past.  i reset the base and the handset (took out battery and replaced) and it paired again.  you may also have too many handsets registered.  in any event, if you find out from the dealer that you need any parts changed, i have three or four semi functioning beocom 6000's lying around that i would be happy to donate parts from.

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  • 02-28-2011 5:01 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoCom 6000 handset problems

    Good day, again. The repair center in Montreal wants to send the device to Vancouver (for a fee). Anybody knows where it's sent. I would like to deal witht the repair center directly.

    I should also be in Florida in April, if there is a center there, I could bring the handset with me.

    Thank you.

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