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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 01-06-2012 3:12 PM by lenni. 60 replies.
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  • 01-02-2012 9:28 PM In reply to

    • Evan
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....


    Interesting thread..

    I use Apple TV's and Airport express to my B&O gear in all my rooms. I listen less and less to CDs and watch less DVD's, usually rip it all and put it on a big RAID share in my network instead, much more practical. 

    Interesting indeed. I find I am moving backwards toward the CD and away from iPod/computer sources. So much so, I've been heavily considering a new DAC for my BeoGram 4500CD...

    Additionally, I've almost completely moved away from video entirely!!!



  • 01-02-2012 9:36 PM In reply to

    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    Vandersteen 2Ci on the main BeoSystem 5000 in living room

    Sonance Moderno M6R Ceiling Speakers in kitchen

    Samsung 40" LCD, Onkyo AVR - TX-SR500, Set of Radio Shack Linaeum Pro LX-5 surround speakers in Family Room Theater 

    Westinghouse 32" LCD, Klipsch KG-5.2 in son's room on his BeoMaster 5000

    Emerson 32" LCD, Sony STR-DG600 AVR, Polk Audio RM6005 Sub/Sat in Master Bedroom Theater

    Panasonic PT-AX100 Projector, Onkyo TX-SR606 w/iPod Dock, Oppo BDP-93, Vandersteen Home Theater 1 Surround System - 1B L/R, VCC-1, VSM-1, Home Made Subwoofer in the Main Theater

    iPod Touch, iPhone, Grado SR60i


    BeoSystem 5000 (BM 5000, BG 5005, BC 5000, CD50), BeoCenter 3500, BeoCenter 2500, BeoLab 2500, BeoVox S-45, S-45.2, RL-140, CX-100, CX-50, C-75, 3 MCL82 link rooms, A8, 4001 relay and ambio 

  • 01-04-2012 7:22 AM In reply to

    • Toby
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    • Worthing
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    I am likening seeing what other equipment people are use, so here is my list of Non B&O equipment

    LG 42PQ plasma TV

    Medion computer which I have ripped all my music and DVD’s onto.

    Lutron GRX-3104 x 2

    Speakercraft MZC-66 multiroom system with 6 mode keypads

    Itouch and Iphone

    Thermomix TM31

    Unfortunately 95% of the stuff I own is in a storage unit waiting for me to buy a new house, so all I have out is my overture and the Beolab 3000’s

  • 01-04-2012 8:15 AM In reply to

    • fishta
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    I have the following:

    Living Room connected to BeoVision 7-40 MK5:

    Boxee Box

    Apple TV Mk1

    Sky+HD 1TB

    Draytek 2820n Router

    Western Digital 2TB NAS

    Buffalo LinkStation 1TB NAS


    Master Bedroom:

    32" Samsung LED

    Sony BDP-S370 Blu-Ray

    Apple TV MK2


    Guest Bedroom:

    32" Panasonic LCD 



    27" iMac 2.7Ghz Quad Core with 12GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive



    Currently Bose Lifestyle 5 system with AirPort Express which will be changed to a B&W Zepellin Air next week



    iPhone 4 S - 64GB

    iPad 2 - 64GB

    Bose Quiet COmfort 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones


    BeoVision 7-40 MkV

  • 01-04-2012 8:43 AM In reply to

    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    I've added a Technics 1506 Reel-to-Reel player to my setup. Works excellently together with the Beolab 5000.

    I've also placed a Revelation M phono-stage from Graham Slee between my Beogram 3000 and the Beolab 5000. The Revelation M has different EQ-curves, in addition to RIAA, which I can use when listening to records from the 50s, made without RIAA-EQ.


  • 01-04-2012 10:59 AM In reply to

    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    At the moment only Non B&O stuff I have for entertainment is my Mac Mini (music library) and a Topfield HD digibox. (No point using the BV10's since it won't work with Pay channels in Finland!)



    BLab5, BLab5000, BLab8000, BV10, BS9000, BS3, Beo5, Beo4, BLink1000, BLink5000, BLink7000, A2, A8, Form2




  • 01-04-2012 12:57 PM In reply to

    • Evan
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    Soundproof, that is what I like to see!

    She's a beaut.



  • 01-04-2012 8:11 PM In reply to

    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    My dark side include

    E-machines comp. for only music, but as Evan going back to my CDs.

    LG 42" flat screen, Onkyo TX-NR 708, LG Blu-ray, 2 x LG 32", 3 CD players (Philips/Sony), connected to vintage

    2 x Ipods not working, 2 x DVD players not in use, 4 x video recorders not in use, one of them can convert from Europe to US system.

    4 x Panasonic cordless phones, had to put my 3 x Beocom 6000 in store as they interfered with my wireless.



    Beosound 3000, BL 4000, BL 8000, BG 2404,BG 5000, BG CD50, Beocord 5000, BM 901, BM 2400, BM 4000, BV S45, BV 3702. There is nothing we cannot do, but a lot of things we don't want to do!!

  • 01-05-2012 1:01 AM In reply to

    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    Silver side (in the household):


    • iPhones X 3
    • iPods X 3
    • MacBooks X 3 (one an Air)
    • MacMini 
    • Apple TV
    • iPad


    All acquired in the last 3 years - no wonder Apple's stock price is so good :-)

    Dark side:


    • a Samsung monitor attached to the MacMini for display of LinkPlayer as I now have the BV8's HDMI (thinking of an Altona 4X1) dedicated to the ATV2
    • some old kit I should throw out such as Sony portable cassette players, Sony portable radios
    • a combined VCR/DVD player/transcorder that we just bought (oh boy did that hurt) because we saw "The Iron Lady" and the Fabric Selector got misty eyed about transferring our family memories from VHS to DVD
    • Sainsbury DVD (will probably go since we have the combo unit which is hopefully multi-region (note to self, check this!)))
    • Wii
    • PS2
    • and FoxTel STB Laughing


    First B&O (1976) was a Beogram 1500 ... latest (2011) change has been to couple the BL11 with the BL6Ks *sounds superb*

  • 01-05-2012 5:03 AM In reply to

    • LarsH
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    I got in

    1st floor Livingrooom:

    • BeoSound 5 with BeoMaster 5
    • Beovision 7, Mk III
    • BeoLab 7-4
    • BeoLab 9
    • BeoLab 4 with stands
    • BeoCom 5

    Livingroom dark side:

    • HD Humax Boxer
    • UPS CyberPowerCP1350 EAV LCD, for uninterrupted power supply
    • Playstation 3 for BluRay
    • ReadyNas Duo 2*1TB for backup       (not part of the system)
    • Netgear Router WNDR 3700, b,g,n network

    And a Red Tivoli Audio Songbook in kitchen

    2nd floor

    • BeoVision 3-32, connected to livingroom via MasterLink
    • Panasonic DVD player with controller
    • BeoCom 2

    3rd floor, guestroom

    • MX 7000, stand alone, was to tricky to connect with cabling...
         might add a preowned BeoSound 4 

    Plus on the darkside in general:

    • iMac 21"
    • iPad 64GB WiFi
    • iPad 2, 16 GB WiFi
    • iPhone 4S 64GB
    • iPhone 4S 16GB

    On the wishlist... let's see what B&O has in mind for future product release...

    • But a Beo6 is really interesting...

    That was a bit...

    BeoVision 7-40 MkIII, BeoSound 5, BeoLab 9, BeoLab 4, BeoVision 3-32, MX 7000, Beo4*3, BeoCom 2, BeoCom 5

  • 01-06-2012 3:12 PM In reply to

    • lenni
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    Re: The 'Dark Side'.....

    Non B&O?

    my only devices are 2 x Bose Sounddock portable for the iPhone/Pod.
    This is unbeatable in terms of size/sound/battery life.


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