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  • 06-29-2010 4:52 PM

    Beosystem 2 display output

    Can anyone please confirm any of the following?

    1:  The menu screens generated by a BS2 are ONLY available to a monitor via the RGBHV output socket (at 50Hz)

    2:  The RGBHV socket on the BS2 is populated non standard - v - PC RGBHV standard inputs, if i make a conversion cable, any old CRT PC monitor should display (i have the BS service manual showing 1RD, 2Gnd, 3GN, 4Gnd etc and a standard PC input is 1RD, 2GN, 3BL)

    3:  The BS2 will switch on (via IR receiver) eg TV selected on a Beo4 and it is NORMAL to go to into standby if a BeoVision 4 is not connected on the RS232 port

    4:  A loopback plug on the RS232 port will keep the BS OFF auto standby and will not harm the BS2, or is there a programming option to       keep the BS2 ON despite it detecting a display is not connected?

    The BS2 i have is a new venture, wanting it to drive Beolab 6000's in a room with ML but no B&O tv.  No speaker output at present so assuming it has to be configured, but can't get the menus via any of the scart "inputs" BTW, picture is poor quality, assume scarts are inputs and not meant as outputs.

    Missing info from various forums is - although it's not too outrageous to use a BS2 for audio and a non B&O display, there is no definative "how to do it" answer.  Sorry i can't afford a BS3 but that's obvious because i'm not driving a B&O display.  I really want to get to the bottom of this please, my local B&O dealer can only offer me a shop soiled BS3 for £5,000 +

    Regards,  Martin

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  • 06-29-2010 6:40 PM In reply to

    • Kiwi
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    Re: Beosystem 2 display output

    Hi Martin,

    I won't be able to answer all your questions, but here are some of my findings:

    1. Correct, and you'll only see the menu when you select a source that's connected to the Beosystem 2.
    This also means that the menu won't show up if you select a HD source that is directly connected to the Beovision 4 (e.x. the DTV/DVI or STB/DVI source).
    Also, the menu won't be displayed on the output of the SCART's.

    2. Never tried this, but I think you'll need a RGBHV@50Hz-ready display/monitor/projector.

    3. Indeed, the BS2 checks via the RS-232 port if there's really a BV4 connected, otherwise it won't send a video signal via RGBHV.
    Some people managed to use a professional Panasonic PDP and reprogrammed some bits via the service menu of the PDP.
    This fools the BS2 and it will 'see' a Beovision 4.
    (In fact, the Beovision 4 has a Panasonic PDP inside).


  • 06-29-2010 7:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Beosystem 2 display output

    Hi Kurt,

    Your confirmations and information are very much appreciated, i have trawled through many postings from members having the same difficulty with a BS2 as myself, but never found a response such as yours that offers solutions to all the problems.

    Regards,  Martin

  • 07-06-2010 3:39 AM In reply to

    • kallasr
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    Re: Beosystem 2 display output


    how did you proceed?

    I got a Beosystem 2 MKIII (+IR Eye) a few days ago and for now I have no idea what panel to get.... (BV 4-42 out of reach ;-))

    A Panasonic one (Prof. Display) is one that I can afford, but I read something about changing BITS (?) in the service menu?

    There has to be someone who managed to get everything working - I would appreciate any input on this issue!

    Best regards


    My Beo: Beosound 3000, Beolab 4000, Beo 4 DVD,  Beolab 5000/Beomaster 5000, Beovox S45.2 with Stands, Beosystem 7000 black with Beolink 7000, Beolink 1000, F1000 (3 cubes), Beovox 5000, Beovox 3000, Attyca 1.

  • 07-06-2010 5:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosystem 2 display output

    Update on Beosystem 2 display output:  items 1, 3 & 4 of top questions are correct, thanks to Kurt for saving me hours of trial & error & avoiding risking damage.  Thanks to Stefan for getting me going in the first place.

    Item 2, my question regarding RGB pinouts is not correct, i was reading a service schematic for older BS sockets.  Can confirm VGA output to BS2 MKIII is standard pinout configuration and works fine on a CTX branded CRT monitor (50Hz).

    Ralf, i am going to use a Samsung 46" LED display for HDMI connection from SKY, taking audio from SKY via the BS2 to drive a pair of 6000's and a Beolab 2.  Driving the speakers is the only reason i want the BS2.

    I am only using the CTX CRT monitor to access menus, have made a BD9 plug with pins 2 & 3 linked to trick the BS2 into thinking a "proper" display is connected, otherwise it just shuts down.  If the Samsung LED will display from the BS2 (it shows a listing for 50Hz) then of course i would connect the vga to the TV for use when programming menu options.   I am not expecting the VGA output / input to be as good as a HDMI cable direct from the SKY box, but i'll try it anyway.

    I also needed the BS2 to act as the main or slave unit in place of an Avant, giving the RF out to distribute as the Avant does now.  All this is to save the cost of another £10 / month subscription to SKY for a mirror card (and the cost of another SKY box)

    I now have a sound problem and have started another thread "BS2 speaker setup" Please help, i hope this is the last of my troubles with the BS2 - something is fishy about this - when i finally got the display working it asked for a PIN code.  I rang B&O for a master code to re-set the user code and was told no chance.  BTW, the master code and the change PIN code menu options do not come up, is that a fault or.....?

    I contacted the seller for the code, expecting no joy.  He turned out to be a third party, not the original or registered owner.  He asked me for the serial number and 90 mins later he told me the PIN code, it worked.  He said he had simply rang a B&O shop who told him the code!




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