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Latest post 02-23-2010 4:41 PM by ouverture. 2 replies.
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  • 02-22-2010 8:29 AM

    Need help. I am in need my B&O phones to work a few things in my house.

    I basically have four lines to be used.




    4.gates for driveway


    Can I use B&O phones be used to take all 3 calls and open my gates?


    If so, what do I/you need to know first in order for this to be achieved?


    any info would be great.




  • 02-23-2010 6:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Need help. I am in need my B&O phones to work a few things in my house.

    I take it its not possible?

    Even with an exchange?

  • 02-23-2010 4:41 PM In reply to

    Need my B&O phones to work a few things in my house.

    you have a similar setup to me, but it maybe better to just get a few things cleared up first, how many B&O phones do you currently have ?

    1) Business - you are getting this line ( PSTN ) or POTS line from your "Baby Bell" or CLEC, and plugged into the socket is a B&O phone ??

    2) Home -  as above, but maybe a different provider and different phone

    3) VoIP -  this will be a dedicated VoIP phone ( please let us have the make and model) or an ATA ( analogue terminal adapter ) which you plug an ordinary analogue phone into like Vonage provide ( and others )

    4) Gates -   I am assuming this is on an intercom system, or similar


    what I did was buy an Atcom PBX, the IP02 with the FXO module will do nicely


    you then plug your RJ11 cable for your business line into the first FXO jack on the Atcom IP02 device, you plug the RJ11 cable for your home line into the second FXO jack, you buy a normal Cat5 ethernet RJ45 cable and plug that into the IP02 at one end, and into your 8 port computer lan switch at the other

    you then plug into your switch your VoIP phone ( or ATA ) , whatever was provided to you, this should continue to work as before provided you have made the right cable connections, and your ADSL ( Broadband ) router is also connected into your switch.

    you then buy an FXS adapter ( also called an ATA ) for each B&O phone, and connect those back to the switch using ethernet Cat5 cables

    then you need something like the Doorbell Fon from Home Depot for your gates

    buy another FXS adapter for the Doorbell Fon, and also connect back to the switch


    you should now have 2 x PSTN lines coming into the Atcom IP02 PBX, and 4 x voip devices ( phones ) going into your 8 port switch

    you now program the Atcom to route all calls to both your B&O phones only

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