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  • 01-10-2010 7:51 AM

    BeoLink PC2 Help


    Thanks for all your helps so far, I am getting there slowly with my setup.

    I acquired a BeoLink Pc2 box to hook up my mac, I have connected everything up and I am still struggling to get the damn thing to work with my setup. To simplify things I have removed one Tv from the system and below is a list of my connected equipment.


    Room 1: Beo Overture - Record Player Connected to Aux - Set to Audio Option 2

    Room 2: Beocentre 6-23 TV - Set to Video Master 2

    Room 3: Beolink PC2 No IR eye connected- Set to every option under the sun and nothing works.


    So far I have had limited success to get things working the only way I can get repeated success is through Linkplayer, setting the Beo PC2 to option 0, this way I can play N.Music on the speakers connected to the TV but the overture Room refuses to play.  B-M Link refuses to do anything, however I have read that there are issues with ITunes 9.  My Mac is running Leopard 10.5.X - ITunes 9.

    I have tried just about every option under the sun to get this working, and there are some very strange things happening, such as when I press N.Music on the TV the overture switches on and displays tape2 but no sound is output from the speakers.

    When I press N.Radio on the TV or the Overture the record player on the Overture starts and the record plays through Masterlink, which is not ideal.

    I have even tried B&Os software on a Virtual PC, I did manage to get both N.Radio and N.Music playing on both the TV and the Overture at the same time however I think this was a fluke as I have not been able to reproduce this.


    Can anyone suggest any settings please.






  • 01-10-2010 8:30 AM In reply to

    • amunk
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    Re: BeoLink PC2 Help



    As I see it you need an Audio Master that is N.MUSIC capable. Ouverture can not be used as an Audio Master.

  • 01-10-2010 8:51 AM In reply to

    • Spiros
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    Re: BeoLink PC2 Help

    Totally agree. I think you should set your Overture to Option 6 and try this way.

    It might also help to have the Beolink PC2 in option 6 as well, regardless of not having an ir eye installed.

    Check this and let's see what next !!!!!

    Best regards


  • 01-10-2010 8:54 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoLink PC2 Help


    I have made a little progress, using BMLink I can get N.Music on my TV, and by pressing DVD (VAUX) on my Overture I can get the sound however it comes through very quiet.  This would be an acceptable option if I could only get a decent volume from my Overture, turning it up is not possible as even when the volume is nearly on 70 the quality is poor, I guess due to the low level of the input.

    Is there any way of using the BeoLink as Audio Master and still retaining the functionality of the record player attached to the Overture?




  • 01-10-2010 8:55 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoLink PC2 Help


    Will give this a try, just nee to pop to the shops to stock up on Chocolate brain food :)

  • 01-10-2010 1:59 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoLink PC2 Help

    I've cracked it sort off, I have posted all the info in a separate post incase anyone else would find it useful.



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