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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 01-26-2012 2:29 PM by beocool. 26 replies.
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  • 01-26-2012 1:40 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoLab 5 - design up to date?

    Thanks for bringing the Meridian M6 to my attention.  Meridian is a VERY good audio company, and I'm quite partial to what I've heard of their work, a well as their research and development efforts.  That said, the M6 does not compete with the BeoLab 5 at all (no lenses, no ABC, insufficient bass, insufficient power, no digital inputs, other niceties,  etc.).  It does seem styled to compete with the BeoLab 9, as noted, with some interesting design solutions.  I expect it sounds quite good.  

    Best regards, 

    Dave Sausalito Audio LLC
  • 01-26-2012 2:29 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoLab 5 - design up to date?


    To be honest, I didn't like any of the ALT speakers at first sight. Especially the Beolab 5 has a very strong visual presence and in my view you need a pretty big room to make them look right. Adding another tweeter would make the visual appearance even more imposing I fear. Beolab 9's and Beolab 3's blend in much easier.

    Sonically all the ALT speakers never failed to impress me. I actually bought a pair of Beolab 3's even though they aren't exactly the best looking speakers in the world. A motorized ALT tweeter like you get in an Audi A8 or Aston Martin certainly would help.

    Well, i ended up with a pair of Beolab 5's after all. Big Smile

    Beoworld's twenty-eighth ninth prize winner and fifty-first second prize winner. Best £30 I've ever spent!

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