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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 06-20-2009 3:34 PM

    • jase71
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    New B&O Sounds System

    Hi Everyone,

    I've had my B&0 Century since 2002 and have decided to treat myself to a new system.  At the moment I'm thinking Beosound 4 with Beolab 8000 speakers.  But to be honest I'm not sure whether to go for Beolab 3's as they seem to have a good write up.  I don't have crazy money for 5's so don't anyone recommend these!  Also love Beosound 5 but again out of my range.

    Also any tips on the best price to aim for?  My dealer won't offer any discounts if I go the interest free path, hence not really interest free!! 

    Any tips would be great.  I have broad music tastes from classical to Dance but lately more Dance.




  • 06-20-2009 4:57 PM In reply to

    • moxxey
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    Re: New B&O Sounds System

    I have the BS4 and BL3 speaker setup and it's recommend. 9/10. BS4 is superb, well-built and designed. The BL3 are good enough for most homes (it's difficult to have a room too large for the BL3s) and, due to the ALT speakers, distribute audio widely through the room. You can get a good mint second hand pair of BL3s for around £1500, too. Dance music is good through the BL3s. I listen to a lot of electronic music.

  • 06-20-2009 5:21 PM In reply to

    Re: New B&O Sounds System

    You need to listen to them. I prefer BL3s to 8000s in sound though the 8000s are very beautiful. However they are both of their era: the 8000s are softer sounding and actually have less bass in some ways though greater bass extension. The 3s are quite analytical and some would describe this as bright and a bit fatiguing. It all depends on what sort of sound you prefer.

    Never buy speakers without listening - pop into your dealer and have a listen - he will be delighted to see you. I would suggest having a listen to 4000s as well - very under rated! And if you do pop in, tell him you are a Beoworld member!

  • 06-20-2009 5:24 PM In reply to

    Re: New B&O Sounds System

    On the discount front, by all means ask but I normally see what else he will give me - you might get a Beotime thrown in - due for release any time now!

  • 06-20-2009 5:24 PM In reply to

    Re: New B&O Sounds System

     And if you do pop in, tell him you are a Beoworld member!      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Then you will get a big discount!Big Smile

  • 06-20-2009 5:31 PM In reply to

    • Sal
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    Re: New B&O Sounds System

    Definitely go hear the speakers you're considering for yourself. I prefer the BL3 BL2 combination. (I used to own BL8000s along with the BL2). The BL3 sound "rounder" to my ears. I listen to an eclectic mix of music, so bring with you some CDs and audition as many speakers as you can. I do like the look of the 8000s, though the size and power of the BL3s never seems to amaze friends. Good luck in your search, it's fun!
    Love B&O, but no longer addicted.
  • 06-20-2009 6:09 PM In reply to

    • SWISS_2
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    Re: New B&O Sounds System

    Sal makes an excellent point about testing prospective speakers you may purchase with CD music you know and are familiar with. This applies to music or video systems as well.

    If you do test the speakers, do it in the morning if you can, when the store opens. And make sure the other speakers, etc. are off nearby. Take your time, and don't be in a rush: It is your investment.

    Over the years I have found that unlike the "push " encountered at the major outlets, the Bang & Olufsen sales staff I have done business with are quite good about this, and most have allowed me to even take the speakers home to test ( paid for first, of course ) just to ensure I would be satisfied completely.

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