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  • 06-16-2009 3:22 PM

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    Mac mini + Irtrans/Ired

    I am in the procces of buying a Mac mini to use as a media center in my living room.

    I would very much like to control it with a BEO4 but my old LX5000 television doesn't have a lot of STB options (if any).

    When searching these forums i found that the Irtrans/ired solution might be the best approach.

    But some things are a little unclear and i would very much like to hear other peoples experience with this solution.

    So to sum up i have the following questions:

    1: Will the ir trans box communicate with the mac mini through the USB/ethernet interface or via. the IR eye on the mac? 

    2: USB or ethernet version? Pros and Cons? I found some posts about it but they were from 2007 so things might have developed since then.

    3: If i like to get a non B&O television later I would very much like to be able to control it vith the BEO4. Will this be possible with both the USB and the ethernet version? Should i get extra IR blasters for this to work?

    4: Any other things to consider?

    Thanks in advance 


  • 06-16-2009 11:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Mac mini + Irtrans/Ired

    1) The IR eye on the mini mac doe snot support the B&O frequencys, so you have to use the IRTRANS module and you have to make sur eyou order the B&O version


    2) I have USB and had issues back in 2007, so I would take ethernet at this point. 


    3) The IRTRANS/IRED has a powerful IR LED, it depends a bit how you position the box I guess but I would think you do not need a repeater. Mini Mac has to be on though for this to work.


    4) I could not get fast scrolling to work "perfectly". The B&O STB supports this better. I would research the lintronik solution before you make a move, especially if you have access to a PC to program it.




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