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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 06-01-2009 3:25 PM by fdejong. 2 replies.
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  • 06-01-2009 3:04 PM

    Crosspost: Project: Refoamed the ABR on my RL60 Redline speakers.

    <mods> I moved this over to the general forum where I meant to post it.  Sorry if it's duplicate, if you can move this one over there it would be much appreciated. </mods>


    Thanks to the helpful posts I found here, I undertook the project of refoaming the auxillary base radiators (ABR) on my newly Craigslist acquired RL60 speakers.

    The entire project went pretty smoothly and I documtend and wrote up the entire process on my blog.

    See the full process and pictures here.

    They sound much, much better now than before, and also much better than the other speaker which has yet to undergo the treatment.  I found some carpet underlay at Home Depot which I think was a pretty good replacement for the original foam, but I think I'll always be on the lookout for something better.  Anyone have any ideas?

    Anyway, comments much appreciated here, or on the blog and thanks for the valuable resource this community is!


    Refoaming project almost complete

  • 06-01-2009 3:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Project: Refoamed the ABR on my RL60 Redline speakers.

    This must be the most straightforward RL60 ABR fix I've seen so far! Congratulations and welcome to the forum Smile I don't quite believe that a random foam stock from Home Depot will have very similar characteristics to the original (well, it could be pretty close...) but they must sound immensely better than a void + a rattling metal plate! If you like them now, you should consider replacing the old bipolar caps on the crossovers as well. That makes another suprisingly big difference to the better.

    BTW, there is a slight error in the title of your blog post - RL60 and RL60.2 are different models. RL60.2 is a more conventional construction with a tuned port in place of the ABR, so no moving parts there. RL45 and RL45.2 have a similar difference.


  • 06-01-2009 3:25 PM In reply to

    Re: Project: Refoamed the ABR on my RL60 Redline speakers.

    Thanks Mika.  Yes, it was pretty straightforward and easy.  I was worried about having that metal plate just clunking around in there!

    I updated the title too.

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