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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 03-11-2009 6:03 PM by Jonathan. 13 replies.
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  • 03-10-2009 11:19 PM

    An Apology to the Community

    Below is a copy of the message I have just sent to Chris the moderator regarding my recent behaviour on this site. I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for my recent posts.


    Firstly, thank you for putting a stop to the thread that I was slowly destroying with my rudeness and arrogance from the start.

    I don't have any excuses for my behaviour, it was out of line and unwarranted.

    There are a number of personal issues I have been struggling to deal with over the last 6 months; clearly, I am not dealing with them well at all. I am drinking most nights (often excessively) and taking my anger and frustration out in this forum. It seems I am still doing it now, as I did with Flappo a few months ago. My aggressive tone is, as someone pointed out earlier, alienating me from many members, which is very much a sad aspect when part of a community, but ultimately brought upon myself.

    The members of this forum mean a great deal and I could not have made the purchases I have without their help, advice and in some cases new friendships along the way.

    Please accept my sincerest apologies and I do hope you will believe me when I say that I am not the arrogant, rude and snobbish person I perceive to be. Quite the opposite in fact. I honestly don't know why I am trying to come across like that, probably a complete lack of confidence and self-esteem and so I am pretending to be someone I am not. Laughable, I know. Especially at my age.

    I am going to book a holiday away somewhere as I  think its more than due and I really need to take some time out to clear my mind and re-evaluate etc. I will also step out of the forum for a while.

    The possibility that I have potentially ruined a really good opportunity for someone to find employment makes me feel awful. If a dealer is reading, and did follow that thread, I do hope indeed that you will bypass all my 'rubbish.' It is not representative of anyone on this forum and it is a big regret on my part.

    I am going to copy and paste this message as a new thread on the forum as I feel I owe this apology to everyone else too.


  • 03-11-2009 12:16 AM In reply to

    • Russ
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    Re: An Apology to the Community

    As someone going through stressful times (and not for the first time), and struggling with attitude and performance, let me be the first to say "Apology accepted."  Not that I really noticed anything especially negative in your tone...but then, I'm American!

    I promise to not drink one in your honor.



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  • 03-11-2009 1:29 AM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community

    I'd say don't worry too much, I am sure you still have a place here regardless what you do Even if critic is out of line, it still often represents an interesting view on things. And we all should keep in mind that all our bitching about the inflated TV prices does seem to move something.

    I still think you should apply for that job. I don't think a Russ or Trip started on top , they made it there over time.




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  • 03-11-2009 1:43 AM In reply to

    • Spiros
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    Re: An Apology to the Community


    I don't really know what has happened, however all people are going through some problems some times unable to deal with it.

    However I think the honesty of your letter means everything to the people at Beoworld so it should be ok.

    Try to relax and re-schedule everything. It has happened to me once and some vacation can really make you think more clearly.


    Best regards


  • 03-11-2009 3:20 AM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community

    I can only speak for myself but i think its very brave you have accepted your problem and its a delight to see such a heartfelt end honest apology.

    You have not offended me in any way but i accept your apology and hope that you have a great vacation.

    In my world; you are more than wlcome back on the forum when you see fit.

    Remember; there is always sunshine in some part of the world.



  • 03-11-2009 3:51 AM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community

    Hi Simon,

    I can relate to how you feel about yourself and your perception of your behaviour.    I have been through something similar and 2 years ago came to realise that I was an alcoholic/addict who needed help.  I'm in no way intimating that you are in the same position so please don't be offended.  It's a brave thing to admit to one's failings and recognise how things said or done in haste can affect others dear to you - family, work colleagues and even other forum members!.  It took 14 weeks of rehab treatment to get me back on track in my life.  If you feel you may have a problem, please consider some form of help as it is always available.

    I didn't finish reading the thread yesterday but wasn't offended by anything I'd seen during it.  As others have said, a forum is a place for opinions to be aired and shared - but yes, there are also moderators and forum rules to uphold.  Your apology is well considered and accepted with good faith as it was delivered.

    I hope you can sort out whatever you think your problems are and regain your self esteem and confidence.  Enjoy your holiday if you take one (don't drink too much!) and come back stronger and don't abandon the forum.  If you want to PM me please feel free to.

    Best wishes,


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  • 03-11-2009 4:31 AM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community



    You have my respect for a very brave post.


    I look forward to seeing you return refreshed in due course.



  • 03-11-2009 4:41 AM In reply to

    • Puncher
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    Re: An Apology to the Community


    That must have taken some typing - I hope you come back from your jollies refreshed and raring to go.



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  • 03-11-2009 6:28 AM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community

    Simon, I was not actually offended just irked by your post so for me  an apology is not needed, I just hope that you get better soon as your health is more important than anything else & that does include B&O.

    Regards Simon

  • 03-11-2009 7:16 AM In reply to

    • Medogsfat
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    Re: An Apology to the Community


              first of all thank you for taking the time to write to me and the post you have submitted on Beoworld.

    I am truly sorry to hear of any personal problems you are going through and hope you can put them behind you very soon. The reason I stated your behavour as being Trollish is that the way I saw it you deliberately set out to disrupt a perfectly fine thread which Lee posted. If this was not the case then I will accept that and offer my apologies but I felt the thread had gone so far away from the original theme that the time had come to lock it to save any more disruption.

    My actions were purely in the interests of Beoworld and I have submitted them to the rest of the moderating team - any of which may unlock it if they feel I was unjust in doing so.


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  • 03-11-2009 7:43 AM In reply to

    • Dave
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    Re: An Apology to the Community

    Well as i've said to your before i quite enjoy your colourful posts! Laughing I feel sad for those who feel they are being judged, alcoholism is frighteningly common, and i think most of us have experienced it at some point in our lives. I personally used to drink a bottle of wine everyday for lunch in year 11 !! Got over it though, eventually, and life got better and better after that.


    You are a human being and we are all imperfect in very different ways - that's what makes life so stimulating


    You're alright by me, fella! Yes -  thumbs up

    No wukka's!


    “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

    Your health and well-being comes first and fore-most.



  • 03-11-2009 4:13 PM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community

    It is very kind of you to offer an apology although in my opinion it was not needed. I was much more offended by what to me were personal attacks towards you calling you a troll and arrogant for merely expressing your opinion.

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  • 03-11-2009 4:48 PM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community


    First of all, Wow. I must have missed something!

    Secondly, whomever found themselves aggrieved by your dialog would be well advised to accept such a heart-felt apology. I enjoy your posts and often take a similar point of view. I also understand the desire to take a more aggressive tone on certain issues and have embarrassed myself on innumerable occasions doing just that. The forum members here have been gracious and have forgiven my transgressions (or at least looked the other way!). I'm sure they'll do the same for you. 

    I look forward to your return.



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  • 03-11-2009 6:03 PM In reply to

    Re: An Apology to the Community


    First of all, it is very gracious of you to offer your sincere apologies. I definitely accept them as well. In my view there is no harm done with regards to the forum.

    I'd like you to note that as one of the respondants to that particular thread, I was not as such offended. My aim with my responses was to highlight the fact that your viewpoint was not necessarily shared by others and that attacking forum members to get your viewpoint accross probably wouldn't achieve the most positive outcome.

    In saying that, these things happen and we are definitely each entitled to our own opinions. I wish you well with your recovery and please try to work hard towards getting in a better headspace. Alcohol caused my father to lose a thriving law practice, his home, his wife, his three children, all of his friends and all of his possessions because he refused to seek help.

    Please do not follow the wrong path, I for one look forward to hearing of your positive personal progress in the future. You are very brave to have written an apology. I wish you well.

    Kind regards,


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