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  • 05-24-2007 10:07 AM

    Beosystem 2300


    I'm the proud owner of a "new" Beosystem 2300. It nicely complements my Beovision MX5500. The problem is, i don't have speakers and i don't have cables, so was wondering if anyone could provide me with some advice....i think my options are the following, but open to hear others...i also have an ipod which i'd like to get some sound out of.....

     1) Buy a set of speakers and the necessary cables to run into the back of my system. If so, what speakers would you recommend?

    2) Run the sound through the TV. In which case i believe i'd need a connection between the Aux output of the system and the TV and a splitter for my ipod.

     Thanks in advance for your help and advice


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  • 05-24-2007 10:33 AM In reply to

    • Christian
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    Re: Beosystem 2300

    Ad 2: Correct, you will need a Datalink cable between the MX and the Beocenter. Datalink will provide remotecontrol of the TV through the Beocenter and the other way. This will ease the daily use. You can use a non B&O cable, but then you will have to press CD when changing tracks and AV TV when changing volume - a little unhandy IMHO. If you fit a splitter in connection with Datalink make sure that all 7 leads are fully mounted.


    Ad 1: The obveous choice is BeoLab 2500, which offers the original design and good sound. There is brackets available for wall mounting the Beocenter together with BeoLab 2500. Besides the 2500 any BeoLab (1-3-5-9-4000-6000-8000-Penta-3000-4500-5000) is compatible with your Beocenter. It just depends on budget and taste.

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    Re: Beosystem 2300

    While this is correct, remote control isn't really the issue here: both the audio and the tv system have their own IR receivers. In a setup with a 7-pin cable between the 2300 and the 5500, everything will work fine if you stick to using the remote control for everything and put the TV in option 2, audio system in option 0. What won't work is direct control of the 2300, on the panel beneath the glass doors, if the TV set is not already on and set to use the audio system as a source. That is to say, if you hit CD on the console of the 2300, it will start up but the TV speakers will not switch on. They will if you hit CD on the remote, however, because all the IR commands are routed through the TV which knows it has control over the audio system.

    I would take the above advice about picking up a used pair of 2500s, or alternatively getting a new pair of BeoLab 4s, as this allows you to start the system from the 2300's console and have everything work as expected. You can keep the 7-pin cable attached between the two systems and use it to route audio between the two sources as you wish with the AV command.

  • 05-29-2007 5:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosystem 2300

    Appreciate the help. Ended up taking the easy and cheap option of the cabling as thought i could "upgrade" to speakers at a later date if needed. That being said, i'm very impressed with the speakers out of my TV - as it's in my bedroom, i think it will serve its purpose as is. Cheers. Jamie
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