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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 12-27-2009 10:12 PM by beoaus. 9 replies.
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  • 12-19-2008 4:25 PM

    Apple TV and BV7-32

    Hi all,

    I just bought an AppleTV and to my horror discovered that it cannot be connected via the scart input. I would like to connect the aTV via component PrPbY as I understand this is the only way to make distributian via Masterlink possible - as opposed to the DVI. However, the three component input on my BV7-32 seem to be covered by a black piece of plastic - i.e. they are inaccessible for cables. Does anybody now why? - or would this suggest that my BV7 is not supporting component video? 

    Any inpout is much appreciated. Thanx in advance!


  • 12-20-2008 6:49 AM In reply to

    • Kokomo
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    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    Not much help I know as I don't know the spec' of the BV7.

    The fact that the ATV can't connect via scart has come as a shock to quite a few, but a bit of investigation into the product would have told you.

    Anyway, why not search the spec of the BV7 on the net to see if component input capability is standard or an upgrade? Also, why not ring a dealer and ask?   

    Good luck! 

  • 12-20-2008 9:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    It this true? I think a component to scart converter should do the job but am not sure. I have connected my ATV by DVI but actually considered changing this to get the link capabilities. Is there no accessable component inputs on the right side of your tv?

    BV7-40 MK IV, BL5´s, BL3´s, BL 3500, BL7-4, BS3000, BC 6-23, BV 1, BS3.

  • 12-20-2008 11:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32


    Well actually I did investigate but obviously mixed up composite with component (I am not too much of a techie). But, the sales guy did nothing to prove me wrong; he actually sold me a composite to scart cable "...that would just plug into the AppleTV". Not so!

    In terms of BV7 specs, it seems from the B&O specifications that component should be a feature out-of-the box. However, I was a very early mover on the BV7 (Mark I) and the three component input slots in the right side are covered by a plate of black plastic. Now, I don't know what that means. I asked a dealer earlier today and he will investigate. 

    I have actually talked to a few B&O dealers before buying the ATV. Most dealers tell me it should be no problem to see/hear ATV content from link rooms, but nobody can tell me clearly how this should be done. Thinking the ATV was just a composite input, I thought I could figure it out myself. I could of course use the DVI input, but then I loose link-ability which for me is the whole point of having centrally stored content. (Quite few dealer don't even know that the DVI cannot be blasted to link rooms). Does anybody know is the BeoMedia distributed through Masterlink?

    @ Ehlerz

    What cables have you used to connect the ATV via DVI? Earlier today a sales guy tried to sell me a rather expensive HDMI to DVI-D cable but I seem to remember that the BV7 will only work with DVI-I - and thus, did not buy it. He had never heard of the difference. Is that correct or will the DVI-D cable do.

    The component-to-composite/scart converter you are talking about - which one is that? - and where to buy? I hope it is just a cable and not yet another power and space consuming dongle to affix to the TV to achieve basic B&O functionality - i.e. Masterlink.

    Thanx for input! 



  • 12-20-2008 1:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    I tried to connect an apple tv to a Bv7-40 Mk3 but not with Hdmi as I wanted to use it on the link , apple tv has component out and the 7 has composite in so got a converter from the US , I and the B&o engineer couldn’t get a picture on the 7 or the link . Went thru all the Apple settings and gave up and got another Apple for the link TV , came to the conclusion that you can't link an Apple but please someone prove me wrong .


  • 12-23-2008 10:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    Hello Toby,

    I have no experience with Apple TV at the moment, but I can tell you that a HDMI to DVI-D cable should work. In the bedroom I have a BC6-26 with a Humax HD decoder. The decoder is connected with a HDMI to DVI-D cable. The only thing is that DVI doesn't support audio, so you need to connect the two audio clincs (red and white). This is also done with my decoder. It works fine.

    As far as I know the DVI-I has 4 extra pins (compared to DVI-D) and is only nessasary when you want to use the TV as a computer monitor.


  • 12-24-2008 4:28 AM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    Hi Piet,

    Thanx for the clarification.  Will get the DVI-D cable to check out the ATV.

    Merry Xmas to all!


  • 12-24-2008 7:57 AM In reply to

    • StUrrock
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    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    As a general rule of thumb if your BVIS 7-32" is running software lower than 7.0, you will need the scalar panel upgrading in order to have the hi-def sockets live!!


    Merry Christmas



  • 12-27-2009 6:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32


    As a general rule of thumb if your BVIS 7-32" is running software lower than 7.0, you will need the scalar panel upgrading in order to have the hi-def sockets live!!


    Merry Christmas




    Sorry to dig up a topic as old as this. I am (was) about to purchase the Apple TV as I have learned you can set its output to scale also 720p. My question is do you still have to install the scalar panel + software update to be able to watch 720p picture on the BV7-32 (MKI)? Another question is are you able to utilize the digital sound output of the HDMI in order to connect the Apple TV to the digital sound inputs on the BV7? (I was wondering if the unit could also be utilized for N.Music and N.Radio?)


    Kind Regards


  • 12-27-2009 10:12 PM In reply to

    • beoaus
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    Re: Apple TV and BV7-32

    Read thru this link

    I have an Apple TV linked, its connected via the camera socket but works the same thru scart.


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