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  • 10-17-2008 7:26 AM

    Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

    Hi All:

     I know that B&O don't make doorbells (do they?) However as a small project I would like to get the doorbell in my (rented) house working again as it is annoying when we get things delivered that it doesn't work.

     The house in which I live is a 4 bedroom family house with fairly high ceilings. I think it dates from around pre-1930s yet not as early as Victorian. If it helps you to date it, it has an inside toilet which is accessed through the kitchen (I think this is illegal post certain building regs).

    The doorbell is mounted into the brickwork and is a standard 'push to make' type with a mechanical-electrical bell box (ie it doesn't play the national anthem or anything like that thank God). Apparently it hasn't worked for many years. I think the power source for the bell is located in the cupboard under the stairs, as this is where I have traced the wire to. However, I haven't bothered to look yet.

    What I am wondering is, what is this likely to be powered by? Is it likely to be hardwired into the mains (no plug) and in which case what kind of voltage will be going through it? Will it likely be powered by a battery simillar to the type used in 1930s appliances (ie a Wireless battery no-longer available or is it more likely to be a standard battery type job?

    I am thinking that if it doesn't carry a high voltage but that the batteries have coroded the terminals or something simillar, that  I will just cut the cable and attach a battery holder in-line. However, if I were to do this, how would I work out the voltage required?




  • 10-17-2008 9:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)


    jacob jensen to the rescue...

    this is about as close as you can come to a b&o doorbell(s).
    good news too, they are both wireless -so you don't have to worry about the wiring
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  • 10-17-2008 9:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

    Thank god for this thread. I was just thinking about getting a doorbell. 
  • 10-17-2008 11:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

     Typically, a doorbell is nothing more than a simple chime driven off of the mains power.  The button (outside) closes the circuit (when pushed) and causes the chime to sound.

    I would do the following

    1. Verify that the doorbell has power (from mains source) 

    2. Find the terminal connections to the button (the outside button)

    A. complete the circuit, if the bell chimes the button or associated wiring is bad

    B. If it doesn't chime, and there is power, replace the doorbell (with the B&O model referenced above)


    Good Luck!





  • 10-17-2008 3:44 PM In reply to

    • benjnz
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    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

    I can recommend it, I have the doorbell not the doorbell usb. Love the way it's not wired so I can carry the door bell with me into the garden so if people come to the front door I can still wander up and open it. Fits perfectly into any room too, very JJ Big Smile
  • 01-05-2009 11:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

    well... i bought the doorbell kit for my wife for xmas -hahaha -better than the hoover she got last year!

    at any rate -yes very cool! not badly made and works as described. a bit plasticy -but looks very nice -sorta 3500 to 4500ish.

    i like them (have several pushbuttons on exterior doors with unique rings), even if she doesn't... ;-P 


    ...p.s. also bought a temperature station -works great -highly recommended! 

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  • 01-06-2009 11:13 AM In reply to

    Re: Way off topic but electronic based (doorbells)

    I bought an MP3 doorbell about a year ago for use in my flat. I can't remember the make off hand (I am away from home currently) but there are several types available now from different manufacturers. They are pretty good as you just take the USB key out from inside the doorbell casing, pop it in your PC, record whatever file(s) you want on it, plug it back into the doorbell casing and away you go. They have DIP switches inside the casing and inside the button push that correspond to the track you want to play. My doorbell allows you to record 4 different songs in a variety of formats including wav, mp3, wma MIDI and others and they can be any length. Beware though as some doorbells only let you playback up to 30 seconds or less. I have four different Looney Tune tracks on mine that change everytime the button is pushed. I tried various favourite songs but I stuck with the Loony tunes as they last just the right amount of time for a doorbell (I think) and of course they are good fun and always make people laugh, especially the postwoman every time she brings a package round!

    A couple of links here, but just type in mp3 doorbell in Google or something to find more. 


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