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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 08-09-2008 10:59 PM by Klas. 2 replies.
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  • 08-08-2008 7:38 AM

    • skrutt33
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    Mac Mini -> Beocenter 6-26, picture but no sound

    First time on the forum. Wow! I've read most articles on Mac connected to B&O, however not found any solution to my problem.

    I thought the sound path was fixed by connecting a Mac Mini (MM) to my BeoCenter 6-26 (BC626) via a lightconducting cable (0.5 m), an optical/coaxial converter (TOSLINK in, RCA out and said to be transparent) and an RCA cable (2 m) to  one of the two digital inputs on my  BC626. The picture path was the DVI-D output on the MM, a DVI/HDMI connector, a HDMI cable (2 m), a HDMI/DVI connector and the only DVI-D input on my BC626. The picture was brilliant, but no sound at all in any of the five loudspeakers (=5.0).

    The BC626 has the DSM module, AP SW 9.60b, IOP SW 22.0. There exists a newer AP SW 9.7 which I will update ASAP. I've tested the stuff with my BeoVision 7-40 mkIII (BV740), and it together works in a perfect way. Powerful in all 8 speakers (=7.1)!

    I tested the special digital output from the MM to the two digtal inputs on the BC626. Picture but no sound. I also tested the analog output from the MM and an L/R input. It works but no surround sound. I tested my DVD1 to the BC626 by only using the RCA cable and the digital output and input, and it works perfect. Full surround! However, in this case it's more of a brother talking to a sister as both equipments were B&O.

    In all available documention concerning the BC626 is only mentioned 'digital input' or 'AC-3', nothing else. I've been chasing around on the web to try to find anything useful, but no result. Concerning the digital inputs on the BV740 there is a very defined data expression known as 'S/PDIF' or very similar.

    When contacting the dealers they say that my version of BC626 has a true SPDIF input, but I'm in doubt. To me it looks more as if there is a quite different data protocol 'AC-3' (the algorithm) in my BC626 and (S/PDIF) in my BV740. The MM and the BV740 seem to have the same type of protocol as they communicate. I've looked into the MM to find possibilities to adapt the digital output from the MM to fit the BC626 input, but in vain.

     Has anyone here met this problem with no digtal sound in the interaction between the MM and the BC626, or has a solution or can relate to any earlier article or topic, or has a any link where to find a solution, I will be very grateful. The solution might be an extra HW box, a SW script or anything.


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  • 08-09-2008 1:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Mac Mini -> Beocenter 6-26, picture but no sound

    I am not 100% sure but believe that some of the BVs/BCs could use DVI only to connect a PC and it would not allow surround with that connection, it would look at the analogue ports. Can you try setting up a analogue video port to work with the digital input and have the mini mac connected without video to test?


    Maybe you just shoot Keith a PM, he may not see this thread.




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  • 08-09-2008 10:59 PM In reply to

    • Klas
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    Re: Mac Mini -> Beocenter 6-26, picture but no sound

    Hej Anders and welcome to the forum

    I don't have the BC6-26 or any experience of it; but if it manages to play digital input from your DVD I don't see any reason why it would accept the MM's digital feed....

    I have a simillar set-up as you; but a BS3 - and i had a bit of problems in the morning with the toslink cables/converters so i had to fiddle around with them (dust or not properly connected) and then it started to feed directly.

    What program are you playing in your MM to test the audio? (any preference outputs there to controll audio output?)

    You don't have any other receiver i suppose that you can connect instead of the BC6-26 to test/ensure that the MM is working well (bring the MM and cables to your friends system instead of vice versa.....bit like moving the mountain otherwise)

     sure there are more members around that can help as well...just some initial thoughts




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