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  • 06-26-2008 11:00 AM

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    Installing an eye

    I've recently purchased a number of secondhand items, including a BeoPort Active, and matching Eye. In the manual, mounting the eye involves fitting a bracket to the wall, hanging the eye on the bracket, and fitting a small screw to hold it in place. However, the eye which I received came with a back panel and a top-hat - no separate bracket.

    The back panel has two screw slots, which suggests that it should be mounted by putting two screws in the wall, one above the other, pushing the eye into place, and rotating it.

    However, the top-hat looks as though it is intended to be fixed to the wall, and the eye pressed into it.


    1. Am I missing the mounting bracket, or did B&O change to design to the kit I've bought?
    2. If I mount the unit using the back plate, what stops it from flopping around? Does it rely on a cable clip on the wire to hold it steady?
    3. Is the top-hat intended to be sunk into the wall? If so, then how do you cut the hole?

    As always, thank you in advance for your help.


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    Re: Installing an eye

    You can buy the bracket from B&O as an accessory, simple plate which is similar to the shape of the eye but fits to the wall and the eye then sits on top.

    Sometimes, the braket is screwed onto the eye, is this is the case then remove it and fix this to the wall and then you shoudl be able to mount the eye.

    You can also buy a (I think) aluminium plate which fits into the wall and then the eye into it, looks nice but is more work... but again available from B&O.

    Post of a photo if you can just to confirm what you have.

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