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  • 05-08-2008 8:04 AM

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    Beomedia and beolab3 and DVD2

    Hi All

    This my first time on this so apologies if i use the wrong format etc.  I am looking for an honest view rather than that of someone wanting to sell you something - no disrespect intended...

    I have a few B&O products BV7 32" rather than 40" [unfortunately!] along with 9000 and Beolab 5 [the darlek like ones!] and a few other speakers around house.

    I would like to install beolab 3 speakers in the room I use as an office [I have the horizontal ones in other rooms] - are they any good?

    I would also love to have the media thing for music etc however it is a shame that will not store films as well - does anyone know if that will change soon

    To remedy that I was thinking of the DVD2 which would provide me with a decent hard drive plus option of recorder.  I am told however that I cannot record from SKY+ to hard drive which seems daft as surely is simply a different input???  Sky+ has such a small memory.

    Finally anyone tried the new remote as my local dealer has an offer on so that I would receive this free if I purchased the beolab3's before 15/05 - not long

    Anyway any comments would be really appreciated. 



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    Re: Beomedia and beolab3 and DVD2

    RE the Media system - have a look at the Apple TV! It does exactly what it sounds like you want. I can't recommend them any further - I think mine is absolutely brilliant, and fully Beo4 controllable.

    Also, RE the DVD2 - it's a product which is now gone, and I'd strongly advise you look at the HDR2 instead if you want to record off live TV. For recording from a DVD - this is easily done with a computer + Apple TV and is very hassle free.

    The BeoLab 3s are - well, amazing little speakers. In many ways, the sound is comparable to BeoLab 5s. The best sounding 'small' speakers on the market IMO - in fact there are very few speakers which are actually as small as the BeoLab 3s.

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