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  • 05-05-2008 9:20 AM

    Beocord 5000

    Beocord 5000 turns on but will not open. I am able to manually open it. It does not play tape. It will not start. The counter does not read 0000.Any suggestions. The unit was purchased new in 1980's. It has never failed to work until now.


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  • 05-05-2008 12:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Beocord 5000

    There is a safety resistor that fails,usually because the main motor or drawer motor has seized,often due to perished drive belts.

    <:AtomicElement>Dismantling and investigation will be necessary.If you are not technical,you will need to get the machine to an Engineer.

  • 05-05-2008 3:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Beocord 5000

    I was able to open the Beocord and discovered a deteriorated belt! I ordered a replacement belt. Turtable Basics has one in stock. Will replacing the  belt correct the problem? Thank you for your comment. Where is the safety resistor located? Thank you again.


  • 05-06-2008 1:02 PM In reply to

    Re: Beocord 5000

    It's usually the capstan drive belt that causes the trouble.The safety resistor is on the pcb assembly at the rear of the machine,which is the power supply.If the resistor has failed,it will look black,and there will be a scent of burnt carbon.

  • 05-06-2008 1:20 PM In reply to

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    Re: Beocord 5000

    Welcome to Beoworld ! 

    I agree completely with Solderon29.

    There are a total of three belts in the tapedeck (plus one for the drawer). If one belt is bad, the others will be too.

    Belt kits for this model are readily available (from me) and mounting instructions with photos etc. can be included.

    I've heard of Turntable Basics. Are you sure that the belt you ordered are for a BeoCORD 5000, not a BeoGRAM (turntable) ?
    I ask because they list no less than 3 different sizes for the same turntable deck, (none the correct size BTW).
    I know they are listing belts also for the Beocord 8000 (not the correct sizes either) but I don't see the Beocord 5000 anywhere.


  • 05-07-2008 6:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Beocord 5000

    Thank you for the info. When I get the belt I will try it. I was able to download a PDF file for servicing the Beocord 5000. It failed to demonstrate more than one belt located on the tape drive mechanism. I could not determine any other locations that seemed to be a belt location. Perhaps I did not disassemble the unit adequately. I also have an issue with my turntable. I had it serviced about 2 years ago. After servicing the Beogram lid would not remain closed. The tone arm also would lift up and move to a starting point beyond its normal start.

    Back to the Beocord 5000. I found the belt remains inside the tape deck. It had deteriorated into black goo. Thank you for your help. I expect I will need more assistance. I shall return 


  • 02-24-2012 4:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Beocord 5000

    Hey Martin,

    I need new belt kit fot Beocord 5000 Type 4715, can you help?



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