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Latest post 01-31-2008 9:00 AM by Daniel. 8 replies.
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  • 01-30-2008 3:48 PM

    A9 Keyring issues......

    I just got a new A9 - which since I dont have a LC2 or a TV (although would be interested in some LC2s if they are available in the US) - the audio button seems to be somewhat unreliable in this a battery issue (it is brand new) or am I doing something wrong?  or am I just spoiled by the flawless Beo4 function?




  • 01-30-2008 3:56 PM In reply to

    • Tom
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    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    The signal of my A9 is much weaker than the signal of a normal B&O remote. So it could be that you are to spoiled...

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  • 01-30-2008 3:56 PM In reply to

    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    Hi Michael. I'd like to get myself an A9 keyring at the moment.

    If your A9 does work sometimes, I could only imagine it has a flat battery. It is the kind of product which will either work or not work if it is broken I would say. Did you buy it as a demo from your dealer? Otherwise it seems strange that the battery would be almost flat.

    If the problem persists and you did buy it new, then ask your dealer for a new one.

    Thumbs up on your BL2 purchase by the way! Yes -  thumbs up

  • 01-30-2008 3:59 PM In reply to

    • Jandyt
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    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    Hi Michael.
    The infra red senders are very visible on the A9. Can yours be seen every time you press it.
    Don't hold the button down as that sends an 'off' signal, it's just a short jab for on.

    Andy T.

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  • 01-30-2008 9:51 PM In reply to

    • SWISS_2
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    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    It is a quick push of the button, not much more. Sounds like another tirp back to the store if the other features are working.

    Robust as they are, the units are not indestructible. My first A-9 decided to attack the inside of the car door, and lost. It was replaced, with the second one spending time in solitary confinement in a drawer.

  • 01-30-2008 10:25 PM In reply to

    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    Hi Michael,

    If you are used to the quick response from the Beo4 then the A9 is somewhat 'slower', at least mine feels that way.  As the others say, just a quick press will do, don't hold the button down too long.  As for the light control, I use Lutron and it works fine for me.



  • 01-31-2008 4:54 AM In reply to

    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    Hi there Michael,

    I do quite understand your feeling, but like everyone said, the A9 is a little bit slower than a Beo4; so you just do a quick press and the system is starts, if you press it for a while everything is turned off.

    When i get home i just quick press the function that i want and it just works; otherwise give it a test at your local dealer store to be sure that the A9 is working 100%.


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  • 01-31-2008 6:50 AM In reply to

    • Dave
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    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    I've got one and am underwhelmed by it. It's cheap creaky feeling buttons are a let down and the fact that it is scratched so easily is pathetic, just as bad as the BS2.

    It depends on the equipment too, the Beovision can be operated for the other end of the house down the hall way, but the BS1 has to be pointed at. 

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  • 01-31-2008 9:00 AM In reply to

    • Daniel
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    Re: A9 Keyring issues......

    Well, it´s not that easy to scratch! I´ve had mine for years and I treat it like a key ring. Of course there are some scratches and it ain´t shiny, but it´s still just a key ring. It works perfect.

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