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  • 01-19-2008 12:18 PM


    is there a scheme that shows what code equal what i.e

    i want to know what code red, green, blue and yellow are i see people say green is FFWD or something but why would it be fastforward that seems strange..



  • 01-20-2008 3:47 AM In reply to

    Re: Codes


    Many of the codes in the Beo5 Configuration Tool are for products no longer in general use, so the codes have been used for new functions. Your example of the coloured buttons is a good one because prior to the Beo4 there were no coloured buttons.

    So if you are programming a Beo5 with the Tool the RED button is equals CNTL_STEP_DW which has a command HEX code of D9

    GREEN is CNTL_REWIND which has a command HEX code of D5

    BLUE is CNTL_STEP_UP which has a command HEX code of D8

    YELLOW is CNTL_WIND which has a command HEX code of D4

    So, the bottom line is that there are many B&O commands that do not appear to make sense, but are just re-used codes

    Regards Keith....

  • 01-20-2008 5:52 AM In reply to

    Re: Codes

    OK Great thanks

    I also seem to have two little bugs.

     One is for some reason no matter what i put in the code behind the button, i.e a Macro of TV:CNTL_1 + TV_CNTL_REWIND which is meant to do TV Guide then Green for Planner when i press it Sky just shows 0 on the screen, if i delete the button and add it again it fixes this and works ok but it randomly keeps doing it  and going back to that as i am changing other buttons so i have to keep deleting them and adding them, its like a bug in the serilization bit.

     Second the software builds a DVD sub Menu as i have a DVD1 and when you add that to the products it sort all the DVD stuff for you yet the buttons dont really work properly and press say up or down does not skip chapter like on the beo4 it just starts a fast forward then auto stops. Play does not do anything either.

    Its all a little strange hope it makes sense.


  • 01-20-2008 8:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Codes


    With regards to your first point, the CNTL_X (i.e. CNTL_1 or CNTL_2 etc) are effectively macros themselves because they link to the STB menu commands. What I mean is if you press MENU to bring up your Sky MENU on the left hand of the screen, each of the commands are numbered which relate to the CNTL_numbers. So, if a STB menu had say RECORD as number 8 in the menu, then using CNTL_8 would make it RECORD without showing the STB MENU.

    Now we move onto timing, if you use a CNTL_Number followed by another command as you have done you are likely to get intermittent results because often the CNTL_Number command has not finished, when the next command arrives, so you will need to add a short delay between commands to resolve this issue. 200ms tends to be enough delay, but the Tool does allow a delay up to 450 Milli Seconds. So the problem you have highlighted is not really a bug, but what would be a good idea is if a user added a CNTL_X command, the Beo5 Configuration Tool automatically followed it with a delay or asked the user if they wanted a delay and what it should be. I will add this point to the Beo5 FAQ.

    With regards to your second point, this appears to be a common issue which is basically caused by the fact that different B&O products with DVD's in them have been handled in a different way when it comes to navigation. Several members have had the problems, I seem to recall the problem exists with certain commands on the Beovision 7. The best way around the issue to to create your own navigation buttons which work with your product.

    Regards Keith....

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