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  • Using Beo4 with BeoSystem 2500 / Comparing Beosytem 2500 with Beosound 1

    Hi All: I recently got the beo4 remote control for my beosystem 2500. However, I am not familiar with commands on beo4 - for example I cannot figure out how to access AUX using the beo4. I am able to do pretty basic things like play CD or tape. I guess I want to know all the controls available using...
    Posted to Forum by sodoi18 on 02-08-2010
  • Beo4 programming platenspeler

    Hoi! Ik las in een Beolab 3500 handleiding dat het mogenlijk moet zijn met de Beo4 via de "list" knop "phono" te selecteren. Voorheen had ik aangenomen dat dit alleen met een Beolink 5000 mogenlijk was. Wij gebruiken thuis de Beo4 (dvd) in combinatie met een Beocenter 9500 met Yamaha...
    Posted to Forum by beoblok on 01-30-2010
  • Re: Sky promises 3D Premier League football for ‘mid 2010’

    Always interesting to read more on this subject. If you are in the UK, Broadcast Video Expo, at Earls Court 16-18 Feb will have a 3D Screening Room. The 3D glasses sound truly fascinating.. and look very er clunky. I think I will stick with the French ones I have. The author doesn't explain why one...
    Posted to Forum by Judith on 01-29-2010
  • Beo4 Beomaster 5500

    Bonjour, Can Beo4 be programmed to control a Beomaster 5500. And also can I use a MCP 5000 on a Beomaster 5500. Will I have access to the all the functions of the Beomaster 5500? Regards Alaiin-Olivier
    Posted to Forum by Alain-Olivier on 01-19-2010
  • Re: The BeoWorld Event 2010

    For those of you who can't bear to be without B&O for one night, you can rent TheLuxPod, which is a 5 minute walk from The BeoWorld event. Bespoke items in the interior are color matched to the anodized blue B&O equipment. How's that for obsessiveness? Minimum...
    Posted to Forum by Judith on 01-10-2010
  • Re: Masterlink Question

    >It's a shame as there does not seem any easy way to connect an external audio source such as an iPod well there is the iBundO Pro at 189 euros and super integration with a Beo4 remote
    Posted to Forum by ouverture on 12-28-2009
  • Re: Beo4 to iMac/AppleTV

    Hi there, I have a similiar thought - buying a Macbook Pro and would like to control it with my Beo 4 - but I am not sure the Macbook has an IR-receiver. Have talked to the people at Apple Store and checked online but cannot find any information on this. There is an apple-remote for the Macbook to use...
    Posted to Forum by SDJ on 12-04-2009
  • AV 7000

    Bonjour, Can a Beo4 be used to control all fucntions on a BeoSystem AV7000? Regards.
    Posted to Forum by Alain-Olivier on 11-22-2009
  • MCP 5000

    Bonjour, Can a Master Control Panel 5000 control a BeoMaster 6500. What about a Beo4?
    Posted to Forum by Alain-Olivier on 11-17-2009
  • Re: beo 5

    Hallo, Heeft iemand de complete file van logo's en zenders van Ziggo Limburg ???????
    Posted to Forum by Dutchielike on 11-13-2009
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