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  • Ipod Dock and Beo4 remote

    Hi everybody, Is it possible to control an Ipod through a special dock with a Beo4? I remember having seen such special docks on ebay few months ago... If anyone has some infos about that..... Cheers, Laurent.
    Posted to Forum by matheyl on 06-06-2007
  • Beo4 and Sky+

    Hello, Which button on the Beo4 do I press to record a programme which is on Sky+? Have never known this I have always used the Sky remote and pointed it at the Sky box!
    Posted to Forum by David on 06-02-2007
  • "Old" Beo4 and A Mem

    Any one know how you achieve A Mem on an old Beo4?
    Posted to Forum by joeyboygolf on 06-02-2007
  • Can you use the Beo4 to access Sky info?

    When I'm flicking through the Sky channels with my Beo4 is it possible to access the programe info with the Beo4 instead of using the (i) button on the Sky remote?
    Posted to Forum by David on 05-31-2007
  • Re: New BEO-remote

    Roger: It was easy to include the remote when the Beo4 was the only option. B&O will drop the Beo4 during 2007 and instead offer two very different remotes: one aimed at those that only need basic operation (ie owners of just one BeoVision 8 etc) and one that is aimed at those with B&O-house...
    Posted to Forum by pedrompinto on 05-25-2007
  • Re: avant en beovision 1

    DoubleU: a. Volgens mij moet de bv1 in optie 4 gezet worden. (als dat kan, want is afhankelijk van het type) b. Vervolgens het link commando voordat je de bron kiest. Beo4 kan overigens geprogrammeerd worden, zodat deze altijd "link" aan heeft staan, voordat je de bron kiest. Dan hoef je nml...
    Posted to Forum by Coolskin on 05-16-2007
  • Re: Beo4 last version

    I know there is a combination to do on Beo4 to find out the SW of the remote, but I don't remember it. Can somebody remind it to me? It use to be on the tips and tricks page on the old site, but that page does not seem to exist on the new Beoworld [:'(]
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-16-2007
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