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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beovision remote for 7802 tv

    Hello, My sister in law sent me her beovision remote control in the post to look at as it had stopped working (the fault was dry joints and a dodgy PP3 battery clip) but unfortunately when I first opened it the buttons fell out and I have no idea of the correct placement of the the four bottom buttons...
    Posted to Forum by rjb on 04-13-2009
  • Cannot navigate DVD1 menu

    I have a DVD 1 connected to my MX 8000 TV. The DVD 1 player works Ok when I use the control buttons on its front panel. I am also able to start playing using the GO button on my Beo 4 remote control. Here is my problem: When opening up the menu using the BLUE button or the MENU button, I cannot navigate...
    Posted to Forum by magmy on 12-20-2008
  • What remote do I need for a B&O LX5500?

    I have an LX5500 TV and the remote has broken. I want to get another one but I'm unsure whether I should try and find the original remote or whether one of the newer B&O remotes will work with it. Any advice on which is the best route to take?
    Posted to Forum by Teaboy on 10-18-2008
  • Beovision LX 5500 does not respond to remote

    Hi all, My old Beovision LX5500 does not respond to any commands from the remote control (Beolink 1000 Mk 3). The remote seems to be working fine with a Beosound so I suppose the remote is not the problem here. Details and background information follow. I apologize for them being a bit long-ish. The...
    Posted to Forum by uffis on 08-01-2008
  • Use active speakers in MX-7000 with IPod, Squeezebox etc.

    I want to connect a Squeezebox or an Ipod to a MX-7000 television, so when I turn on the Ipod the active speakers in the tv turns on. It would be nice if it worked the same way when turning the Ipod off. Does anybody have an idea have this can be solved? Best Regards Lars
    Posted to Forum by romer747 on 06-10-2008
  • Beovision 8 With Sky HD How To Make Beo5 Remote Work?

    Hi peeps, i've just upgraded from Sky Plus to Sky Hd and i now can't get my Beo5 remote to work? With the previous set up i had registered the set top box as Pace Sky+ and had a scart cable connection which also piggybacks the power for the Beo5 IR Blaster apparently. With the new setup i'm...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 04-10-2008
  • Connecting STB To Beovision 8 To Use Beo5 Remote

    Hi peeps, i have been advised you have to have a scart connection between the Beovision 8 and the SKY+ STB to enable the Beo5 remote to function properly with the IR Blaster. However, because i'm going through a wall i want to drill smallest hole possible. Does anyone know if a scart to 3 phono with...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 03-23-2008
  • Extension Of IR Blaster - Beovision 8 to Sky+ (Plus) with Beo 5 Remote

    Equipment involved: Beovision 8, Beovision 5 Remote, Sky Plus (one feed without multiroom). Hi peeps, i'm new to this site and have a techy problem. I have recently purchased a Beovision 8 (32") and live in an apartment with one Sky feed. My Sky+ is in the front room and my Beovision 8 is in...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 03-10-2008
  • Configuring BeoSound 9000 and Beo Active?

    Hi , I have a Beosound 9000 with beolab 8000's connected directly with powerlink cables. i have recently connected a beolink active box and a pair of Pentas in a separate room. I cannot get the pentas to fire up whatever i try. i have set the link room to option 6 on the L.OPT. the IR module responds...
    Posted to Forum by andyfox33 on 12-30-2007
  • Beocenter 8500 that won't respond to remotes!

    Hi all, Now that I have my MPAV9000 working with the Beovision Avant, all is right with the (beo)world.... except.... Since I set up the MPAV and Avant in the same room as my Beocenter 8500, the 8500 now won't respond to any of my remotes!!! Not the 1000, or 5000, or 7000, or Beo4. Why? I have set...
    Posted to Forum by Alex Barnett on 09-22-2007
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