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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012



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  • Re: Beomedia 1 , BS4 on sale Good price

    Where are you located and any pics? Cheers
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 04-10-2009
  • Re: Beolab 4 PC

    I have a pair of Beolab 4 PC hooked up to my PC, the sound is very nice for PC speakers. However, they are not magnetically shielded. So my iphone buzzes every so often The BL4000s are shielded and would be an excellent addition to your set up, and you can use the speakers in the future for another function. The zeppelin sounds great, but you have to
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 12-02-2008
  • Re: USA & Used B&O Market

    A couple of experiences... bought a Beosound 3 from a US ebayer. The price was ok, at the time, not too much competition. The player started to get wonky (technical term) and decided to bring it in to the local dealer. They scanned the serial and questioned why I had a EUR model. Anyways, paid for the diagnostics and surprisingly, the dealer pushed
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 12-02-2008
  • Re: Bezerk Beosound 3

    Thanks, will check with the local B&O store.
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 09-11-2008
  • Bezerk Beosound 3

    So the other night, I came home to some music from the BS3, but I did not turn it on or used the timer. When I attempted to push stop and standby, nothing happened. When I tried to turn down the volume, it started to scan my radio stations. I gently place the unit in the trunk of my car in the garage. Is there a hard reset for this unit? I think the
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 09-10-2008
  • Re: B&O in movies

    Not really in a movie, but nice AV equipment in this new Audi A4 ad http://www.audiusa.com/audi/us/en2.html
    Posted to Music & Film (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 08-13-2008
  • Re: I hate E-Bay and its jokers

    Sold a pair for BL2500 with extra frets a while back. The listing stated the speakers only, and I hooked up the speakers to the Beosound unit to show the green light. The buyer backed out since he thought it was for the entire system (BS and BL). Through his email attempting to express his situation, it was obvious he just looked at the pictures, stated
    Posted to eBay - the right way! (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 07-19-2008
  • Re: Everything is different now ...

    Well to add my $0.02 B&O + Apple = Earset 3 Picked it up shortly after getting the iphone (not 3g) and liked the A8 with the mic. Now the new iphone has a different earplug. I think the slow emergence of Apple products into our home and lifestyle is happening, whether it's the hype, design or function of the product. By having an ipod, I purchased the
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 07-14-2008
  • Re: Beomedia INside and Out

    It also appears that you can remove the HD and have it cloned. Not being technically inclined, too bad you can't degrag the hard drive as that might reduce the seek time and improve performance.
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 07-06-2008
  • Re: I'm thinking about applying to open a B&O store...

    Over the pond and up north, the B&O store here in Toronto is on the prime high end shopping area (Gucci, Cartier, LV, Hermes, etc.). They are apparently quite busy and supported by a strong client base. Parking is not so convenient, but you can always double park briefly for loading. I guess if you have deep pockets to grow and gather a loyal client
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by drevil2k2 on 07-03-2008
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