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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012



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  • Re: BeoSystem 3 for sale

    system sold - apologies for late update
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by Klas on 01-31-2012
  • BeoLab 5, BL 7.1, BL3, BL 7.1 and BS 9000 for sale; great condition; singapore

    About to get on the move again and this time I will need to sell-off some of the items that i've gathered over the years.... For sale; all in great condition and with original boxes and receipts (220v - all original bought in Sweden). prices quoted in Singapore dollar, price for pickup-up; can arrange for shipping at quoted shipping costs. 2 black
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by Klas on 01-14-2012
  • Re: The unique, one and only SOFTWARE UPDATE THREAD!

    anyone know what the latest SW version is for BeoCom 5, how to check which version you have and if all problems has been resolved with the call quality on it? thanks Klas
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Klas on 02-09-2011
  • Re: B&O and Intel to cooperate on Smart TV

    I clearly don't understand why this would be intresting and relevant for B&O.....the only thing Intel provides today - and to be frank - is outstanding silicion/chipset for large format/screen devices - but the digital/convergence is not going to be won on the silicon for B&O - but in SW, interopability/connectivity/form factors - pretty
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Klas on 01-08-2011
  • Re: Metadata software for Mac

    tried a few Mac SW 2yrs ago...back then there was nothing so i installed WM Ware and MediaMonkey on WinXP install - much better for batch meta data management and save it hardocded into the tags of the files...... If u use iTunes for media tagging it only saves it into its own XML so when you add the files to another iTunes or you reinstall iTunes on
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by Klas on 11-10-2010
  • SOLD - BeoSystem 3 - SOLD

    Greetings fellow BeoWorlders........as i finally managed to get a BV9 i'm now selling my BS3 unit (~3yrs old).... Worldwide shipping available..... Let me know if intrested Klas
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by Klas on 10-24-2010
  • Re: BV9/BS3 and hidden MacMini

    well excuse me; it sounds like a birthday to me with all these goodies.....can't wait to get home and try; thanks Elephant!!! Phil@London - if it is as fantastic as it sounds would be great to get the help/FAQ pages upgraded as well...... Is there any Beo5 XML upgrade as well that i can do to even further be in complete serenity?
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Klas on 06-14-2010
  • Re: BV9/BS3 and hidden MacMini

    i have a BeoPort - sounds like i need to give Linkplayer a try......right now i'm not sure how the extra functionallity comes with LinkPlayer/plex and using my Beo5 as there was nothing in instructions around it but i will have to test when i come back home next week Assume that my BV9 should change its PUC to non-apple remote so there is not double
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Klas on 06-13-2010
  • Re: BV9/BS3 and hidden MacMini

    hmm....it should be possible to send some other commands to the IR receiver as e.g. the ATV (which i assume has same IR) you can train receiver for other commands? I'm using a program called plex that is a media player/library - the normal 5 buttons are normally more than sufficient - but sometimes when you want to get in under the hood and change
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Klas on 06-12-2010
  • BV9/BS3 and hidden MacMini

    Looking for set-up and feedback what to do if i have a MacMini hidden in a closet and i want to controll this with the Beo5 - and not using the PUC code loaded onto my BV9 as this limits me to only the 5 Apple Remote buttons in the PUC and i wanted to use the Beo5's extra buttons to send commands from keyboard (like letters C, I, X, M etc) - to
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Klas on 06-10-2010
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