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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012



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  • Re: BeoVision 7-40 MkIV, First impression

    One thing I would like to know is the ability of the Blu-Ray player to play MP3, JPEG and DivX files ( including HD DivX) on burned discs. A real test would be more revealing than just reading the published specfications. I plan to upgrade the player on my own BV-7 MK-III, but retaining that capability is very important. Thanks, Jean
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by jvezina on 05-25-2009
  • Re: Sigma Delta chip in lhe Beocenter 2 AV

    [quote user="supersym"] Hi, Nobody knows something about my questions ? [/quote] The best would be to look at the schematic diagrams in the service manual. The DAC IC type will be shown there. Then do a Google search with the IC designation (ex: TDA 1541, athough a more recent one is certainly used in the BC 2) to finds its specs. Good luck
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by jvezina on 05-19-2009
  • Re: BV7-40: Blu-Ray disponible

    [quote user="mbee"] . Par contre, il faudra m'expliquer quelle est l'utilité de lire des DivX sur une BV7 Blu Ray... C'est à peu près comme vouloir écouter une cassette audio sur des Beolab 5, non? [/quote] On peut créer des fichiers DivX HD ayant une résolution d'image de 1280x720
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by jvezina on 05-18-2009
  • Re: BV7-40: Blu-Ray disponible

    [quote user="malock"] Le lecteur ne lit pas les fichiers Mp3, Divx et JPEG. [/quote] Si c'est vrai, c'est très décevant! Mais je vais quand même aller faire un essai en magasin pour en avoir le coeur net. Le lecteur DVD actuel de la BV-7 lit tous ces formats sans problème. En fait, il peut lire la majorité
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by jvezina on 05-17-2009
  • Re: BV7-40: Blu-Ray disponible

    Quels sont les formats de fichiers lus par ce nouveau lecteur Blu-Ray? Peut-il encore lire les fichiers JPEG, MP3, Divx, etc , comme l'ancien ? Il y a aussi maintenant des fichiers vidéo en haute définition utilisant le format de compression H. 264 qui sont produits par les caméscopes HD. Encore une fois, le nouveau lecteur
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by jvezina on 05-15-2009
  • Re: BV7-40 MKIV specs?

    Are the specs of the Blu-Ray player known ? In particular, which disk and file formats it can read, in addition to normal DVDs and Blu-Ray discs? Thanks, Jean
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by jvezina on 05-08-2009
  • Re: un BeoSound 5 allemand ?

    Et la vidéo? L'appareil Loewe peut lire les DVD, mais peut-il lire les fichiers vidéos copiés sur son disque dur? Un système multimédia devrait offrir de nos jours autant la vidéo que l'audio. Le Beosound/Beomaster 5 n'offre pas encore la vidéo (du moins pas facilement) et c'est une grosse
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by jvezina on 04-06-2009
  • Are the specs of the upcoming Blu-Ray player in BV-7 available?

    A member of this forum reported that he just received his Beovision-7 TV with Blu-Ray player. Are detailed technical specifications of the player available now? In the B&O web site, only the standard DVD player is mentioned. As I am interested to upgrade the player in my own TV, I would like to know if Tru-HD and DTS-HD soundtrack decoding is performed
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by jvezina on 03-22-2009
  • Re: Mac Mini with BV4-65" overscan problem

    Selecting FORMAT 1 on the Beo4 should fix the problem. I have a 17-inch MacBook Pro and I connect it frequently to my Beovision-7 and the Mac OS menu displays completely. Good luck! Jean
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by jvezina on 01-14-2009
  • Re: Are you 100% happy with your B&O setup?

    I have my Beovision 7-40 for more than one year now and I didn't have any problems. So, I am fully satisfied with it. I occasionally connect a Macbook Pro computer to the TV using a DVI to HDMI adapter cable for video and an optical to coaxial converter for audio and everything works perfectly. Pictures and movies from the computer are displayed
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by jvezina on 11-11-2008
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