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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012



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    [quote user="chartz"] Something went wrong Keith? [/quote] Must have been me ... I made my first post :-(
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by elephant on 03-01-2012
  • Re: Beolit Beoclock Apps

    [quote user="Razlaw"]There is also an App called BeoClock. It is not from B and O but says it was inspired by the Beosound 5.[/quote] A laser-pointer minute hand ? I was hoping for something more inspired/inspiring .....
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by elephant on 03-01-2012
  • Re: Cars: Fact or Fiction?

    I have been reading "Borkmann's Point" (a Swedish murder mystery) and I was amused by a section today where the DCI is driving an old Opel because he chose to upgrade its stereo system rather than spend the money buying a new car .... [quote] The car was a means of transport. The music was a luxury. No doubt about which ought to be given
    Posted to BeoWorld People & Lifestyle (Forum) by elephant on 02-29-2012
  • Re: More prizes to night !

    [quote user="valve1"] I will be on a flight from Belgium at the same time as the prize draw so I can not join in so good luck to all to night [/quote] And if you/we all don't win anything from Bottie I hope you/we all win the Euro lottery as an appropriate second prize !
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by elephant on 02-29-2012
  • Re: What's playing RIGHT NOW?

    [quote user="Jeff"]Pink Floyd[/quote] Despite the interesting debate that ensued from my posting of Apple's iTunes Remastering program I did download "Dark Side of the Moon" and played it for my always critical son, I asked him what he thought of the rendition (played via a BV8-32 centre speaker and two BeoLab 3s) and he said
    Posted to Music & Film (Forum) by elephant on 02-29-2012
  • Re: Beocord 5500

    [quote user="ksiero"] Need belts and installation instructions for Beocord 5500 [/quote] send a nice Personal Message to Martin/Dillen and I am sure he will help you
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by elephant on 02-29-2012
  • Re: Can u give me comment about Beosound4?

    I have a Beosound 4 - I purchased it for the SD card compatability with my Beosound 2 and also for DAB. As things turned out: the SD card has been used to record a few radio broadcasts - very few, but very important - for that alone it was probably worthwhile but not something I knew at the time of planning and buying !! I tend to leave just one high
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by elephant on 02-28-2012
  • Re: Connecting Macbook Air + Iphone 4 to BL3?

    [quote user="olemol"] -Have anyone tried it before?[/quote] similar, and so have others [quote user="olemol"]can i shuffle between macbook and iphone as the music source? [/quote] yes [quote user="olemol"]or can it only be set up with one of them at the time?[/quote] each iDevice can "talk" wirelessly to the AE
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by elephant on 02-28-2012
  • Re: Beosound 5 & Mac - Mini

    Try a second post in the Mac forum as well ...
    Posted to BeoSound 5 Forum (Forum) by elephant on 02-27-2012
  • Re: Electronics for beginners......

    [quote user="Søren Mexico"]The manufacturer recommend this for ages 10 - 15, I am over 60 years old, should I buy 4 pcs.?? [/quote] That reminds me of the joke about four blondes stuck in a bar on a rainy day ...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by elephant on 02-27-2012
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