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  • Re: 5 1 setup

    [quote user="KingOfSnake"] third-party amp with pre-outs [/quote] The speakers should work, but will the BL2? And presumably the speakers will need to be manually turned on, unlike a Beosystem solution? Justin
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 08-17-2010
  • Re: iPhone 4

    I picked up the phone on Friday morning and agree with Linder - it has a great feel to it and is faster than my old 3GS. I have to confess that switching from a 3GS with the updated software, I personally haven't noticed a tremendous difference in what the new phone actually does, however the one big feature that convinced me to switch was the much
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 06-27-2010
  • Re: BeoLab 9 - do I need BL2?

    I demoed the BL9 from having exactly this setup. My conclusion was for music the BL9s on their own were fine and the BL2 made no difference. However watching movies with lots of surround sound effects the BL2 made a definite addition, so I have kept the BL2 when I upgraded from BL8000 to BL9. So the need for BL2 probably depends on your use; i.e. music
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 02-04-2010
  • Re: Any mathematicians out there?

    Probably of winning in one draw =1/550 Probability of not winning in one draw = 1 - 1/550 = 549/550 Probability of not winning any prizes in 120 draws (a year) = (549/550)^120 = 0.8 Probability of winning more than zero prizes in a year = 1 - Probability of not winning any prizes in 120 draws (a year) = 1 - 0.8 = 0.2 or 20% => 1 in 5 On any particular
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 06-29-2009
  • Re: BeoLab 9

    When I demo'ed the 9s I tried them with and without a lab2. For music the lab2 is definitely not needed, but when playing surrround sound movies with deep base (try opening scene to "5th Element") without the lab2s there was definitely something lacking for me at the bottom range to make the room rumble, so I guess a need for lab2 depends
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 04-18-2009
  • Re: BeoLab 9

    I agree the 9s sound great - and I bought them as fronts with 3s as rears for an apartment. If I was really honest though, they probably are a bit overkill. I've since moved and actually have less space either side of the tv so the 9s aren't probably spaced out enough to really hear them sing probably (and have since picked up a wife so turning
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 04-17-2009
  • Re: Top 5 digital boxes for BV7!

    I have the Topfield 5800 and can only say its a nasty machine with awful graphic/user interface (esp EPG). We have a BT vision box in the bedroom - it can't be controlled by a STB so we use two remotes, but is far better to use. There are plans to use the BT box multi-room, and when that happens my Toppy will be going in the dustbin...... My experience
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 02-20-2009
  • Re: The best STB's to use in the UK

    I used to have Sky+ which worked excellently with a Beo4, but recently moved where I cannot get Sky, so switched to a Topfield 5800 - I can confirm that as a user interface this is a horrible machine, and would recommend to stay clear. I have a BT Vision box in the bedroom (not Beo4 controllable) that has a superb interface and fully recommend as being
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 01-29-2009
  • Re: BeoLab 2

    akeithj Referring back to the original question, it is always clear from the differing answers, and comments in other posts on this topic that speakers are a very personal topic, so other people answering the question for you will never confirm your question. Realistically, if you are going to spend £1,500 on a BL2 I think you can expect a dealer
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 01-25-2009
  • Re: Changing to a non-B&O TV: what equipment is needed

    I'm not a technical person, and like to keep things simple, and I think from what you are saying is that doing something that will work well will cost (virtually) the price of a Beovision. So I suspect this means I'll sit tight with my BV3 and wait till I can upgrade to a B&O TV (maybe BV7 Mk VIII....) Cheers for your thoughts - they seem
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Justin on 01-10-2009
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