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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012



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  • Re: Out of date so quick

    [quote user="tournedos"] [quote user="Puncher"]IIRC the vertical dimension of a 28" 4:3 screen is greater than that of a 32" 16:9 screen - if so, watching on an Avant would make only make Daniel's problem worse![/quote] Yes, but if the material is 16:9 as the vast majority nowadays is, the problem is the other way round
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 02-07-2012
  • Re: Beovision 6-26 V.s BeoCentre 6-26

    To add to this, the original Beovision 6-26 had a 15:9 screen and was not "HD-ready". The replacement, Beocentre 6-26, had a proper 16:9 screen, was "HD-ready" as standard ( DVI ), and could be fitted with a module of choice, radio ( FM or DAB ) or Freeview tuner, and therefore more expensive. The final incarnation, Beovision 6-26
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 02-03-2012
  • Re: Beo Play

    [quote user="bayerische"] [quote user="joeyboygolf"] err!........am I alone here??? I don't get it. [/quote] You are not alone. [/quote]Definately not alone. Neil.
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 01-12-2012
  • Re: Anyone into slide rules?

    I still have my slide rule that served me well right through to HNC. We used to call it a "guess stick" as the results could be far from accurate, and trying to decide where to place the decimal point in the answer could be a nightmare. Can't help but think today's generation have it too easy! Neil.
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 01-11-2012
  • Re: Posting issue

    Keith, Many thanks for the continuing hard work you perform for Beoworld. It is very much appreciated. Neil.
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 12-02-2011
  • Re: Beolit 12

    I still listen to FM and much prefer it to DAB from a sound quality point of view. I think B&O badly needs a "proper" quality portable radio, an updated Beolit 600 if you like. The BS3 is too small, and the BS1 was too big. Whether the Beolit 12 fits the bill or not remains to be seen, but from the photo's posted it looks like a cheese
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 11-17-2011
  • Re: Unpacking Beolab 5

    Oh dear, I seem to have got caught up in all of this. This is my very last post on the issue(s). Can I say quite categorically that it was neither my intension nor my wish to be part of a vendetta or witchhunt. I do not know (or wish to know) what has gone before. My posting was merely based on an observation that 2 re-sellers were suddenly "having
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 11-15-2011
  • Re: The Unboxing Topic

    [quote user="Steffen"] Some people are easily offended. And then somebody wonders why there are wars in the world..? [/quote] Steffen, I can assure you I wasn't offended! My original posting (which was meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek), was based on my observation that certain well respected re-sellers of B&O equipment seem to
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 11-12-2011
  • Re: The Unboxing Topic

    [quote user="KingOfSnake"] If anyone gets off on this I can offer a service with video and photo's of unboxing any B&O product you wish, chargeable of course :) [/quote] KingOfSnake I though this posting (and others on the similar Beolab 5 thread) quite rude, in fact others may judge it offensive. I just find it strange that a retailer
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 11-11-2011
  • Re: The Unboxing Topic

    I quite like to see the picture threads, even of "unboxing". I don't know why the B&O resellers (excluding Lee of course) have to be so rude when posting on this forum, after all they could be upsetting potential customers!
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by Neil on 11-03-2011
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