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  • software update Beomedia 1

    Dear forum members, after a recovery from my Beomedia 1 the software update function is not working anymore. anyone had the same problen AND solution ? thank you, regards, Ton
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Capture on 08-10-2011
  • Beomedia 1 hick ups during play

    Dear al, since a few days there is a small interruption in every song i play via Beomedi 1. Anyone any idea what is wrong? many thanks in advance, Ton
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Capture on 05-21-2010
  • BM5 / BS5 Playlist Problem

    Hi all, after no-one in the german forum could help me, i try to explain my problem in the international forum.... (sorry about my bad english) In the past, i can manage my playlists on the BM1 with the beoplayer, by creating an new playlist and deciding whether this playlist should be on the PC only...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Niederrheiner on 11-11-2009
  • Correct Setup, and BEOMEDIA use

    Hi all, This is the setup of my Beolinked rooms. I know you are all better than me on this so i need to ask some things: 1) Is this the correct setup ?(i have fog in my mind about the necessity of Beoport). Is it really needed to have Beoport there? Of course Beomedia and my PC are on the same network...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by DrDimitris on 11-05-2009
  • Beomedia reboots when (updated) B&O-software loads

    My Beomedia keeps rebooting when the beomediasoftware (auto)starts. I think this started after the softwareupdate. Any idea how to solve this problem or any tip to prevent the B&O software to autostart so I can stop the continious rebooting and make a copy of my photos (yes I should have make a backup...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Floris on 07-25-2009
  • BeoPort / BeoLink PC2 Questions

    Hi guys, apologies in advance for this long posting but it's a bit of a puzzler I hope someone can help me with. I have a Windows 2008 server (essentially Vista x64) in the house that runs 24x7 - it runs various bits and pieces required for my job, as well as a media server for the home. I have various...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Enigma on 06-11-2009
  • Re: Beomedia

    From Roger's post it looks as if there is a new hardware/software platform. So the question is...will they provide a software update to Beomedia 1? I would love to receive a yes or no on this point. What they should do is offer a hardware upgrade option which upgrades the internals of the Beomedia...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Beophile on 02-05-2009
  • beomedia crashes

    HI, I'm using a beomedia1 for some time without major problems...till last week. Now the system crashes but only when I play netmusic and look at the same time at photo's. When it plays only music it does not crash. (it can run for days...) Because I installed a lot of other stuff for viewing...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by nico vercammen on 11-24-2008
  • Beomedia ir wiring to eye

    Dear friends I have my BM1 connected to my BV5 (first generation) using scart but now need to wire the ir cable into a eye - can anyone tell me where the Yellow, Brown & Green wires connect into the corresponding eye connections (my one has 5 slots) - currently have it connected as follows: Yellow...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Hughie on 08-13-2008
  • Beomedia popup added?

    Is it possible to change any setting in the Beomedia so that I may see a video on Youtube in Full Screen? If I choose the buttom for full screen in youtube I only get the message "popup added". I know the quality will be poor, but on Youtube I find old music videos and it doesn't matter...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Urs on 04-19-2008
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