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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beo5 & BeoVision7

    Hi All, Sorry I've been missing from the forum but since cracking the problems with my Beo5 it's been heaven and I haven't made any changes for some time. However, now I have a stable platform I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still play audio from one source over a video source...
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Ezz on 12-01-2010
  • Beo5 configuration question on channel screens

    I have programed Beo5 (basic at the moment) and all works well. One question, I have Foxtel Cable STB and I have set up a number of channel pages/logos. I would like to have a "Info" button on each screen. The command is 0:000:VTR:CNTL_6 as I use PUC on BV8 for foxtel control. This command...
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by GarryNT on 10-01-2010
  • Beo5 and Thomson SkyHD

    What would I need to control my Thomson SkyHD box via the Beo5. (note: I do not own a B&O TV set)
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by apat on 09-19-2010
  • Problem loading BEO5 profile

    When I connect my Beo5 (fw1.41a) to CT3.0 the serial number (2145xxxx) and profile is recognized but the (down)loading of the profile from the BEO5 into CT doesn't work. When is save the profile it's only a very short/small XML-file (20kb). Any ideas how come and what to do to let it function...
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Ypeij00 on 11-27-2009
  • Beo5 delay on numerical input

    Hello I have a beo5 and BV7-32 connected to a virgin HD box. all functions from the remote function correctly and quickly, however numerical input (ie to enter channel manually) does not work - in fact there is a long delay 45 seconds or more before they work. Any ideas please? Thanks
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by DavidNorman on 11-18-2009
  • Waking the Beo5?

    How is the Beo5 woken (turning on of screen and backlights) after it has been idle (off charge) for a short while? The reason I ask is that mine does not wake if I pick it up by touching only the metal body, but if I then touch the back of the screen with the other hand it comes to life. If I pick it...
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Beo5Boy on 09-29-2009
  • Re: Beo 5 buttons screenshot

    UPDATE: I have found out how to create an XML file using Lintronics SW. I am now able to turn the TV ON and OFF. Still haven't figured out how to use the wheel to turn the volume up/down
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by sacarino on 08-23-2009
  • Beo5 & BeoMedia1

    Hello, We have a new Beo5 that we thought would "shortcut" some functions of our home setup... The most disappointing aspect is the inability to control our BeoMedia1 with Beo5. We simply wanted to push just one button on Beo5 to call the N.Music function of BeoMedia1 (without calling BeoMedia...
  • Control of Bionaire BT16

    Hi All, Could anyone please help me control this remote controlled tower fan using my Beo5? Thanks
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by k984942 on 06-27-2009
  • Beo5 - DVD1 Off Button?

    Hi All, I've been having some trouble with my DVD1 (connected to an Avant via SCART and digital Co-ax). Whenever I switch from DVD to another source the sound of the DVD continues to play yet the picture does change. After some tests it seems like this is down to the digital coax as if I remove it...
    Posted to The Beo5 & Beo6 Remote Forum (Forum) by k984942 on 06-07-2009
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