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  • Podcasts

    Does anyone know how to turn off the B&O automatic podcasts. Whenever I select either N music or PC they start playing over anything else that is playing. Any suggestions most welcome. Peter
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by beofreeman on 09-24-2010
  • ITunes and Beoplayer: No match :-(

    Owning an iMac 24" 2.8 GHz of 2009 I just upgraded iTunes from 9.x to 10 and tried to start it. But due to the BeoPlaerPlugin it failed producing an error code. I deleted the BeoPlayerPlugin and everything goes well. Did anybody try the plugin with better success? iPoditiv
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by iPoditiv on 09-02-2010
  • Beomaster 5500,Beoplayer,FLAC,PC

    There is possibility for me to buy very good DAC (Beyond Frontiers Audio puts it in their 10.000€ amplifier so I guess sound is top class) I already have beomaster 5500 with MCP and beogram 5000.I would like to have PC with it's output through that DAC,but to be remotely controlled (Beo4?)....
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Martin Gajta on 04-19-2010
  • BM5 / BS5 Playlist Problem

    Hi all, after no-one in the german forum could help me, i try to explain my problem in the international forum.... (sorry about my bad english) In the past, i can manage my playlists on the BM1 with the beoplayer, by creating an new playlist and deciding whether this playlist should be on the PC only...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by Niederrheiner on 11-11-2009
  • Re: Beoport 5-02 available.

    Is it just me or are these general bugs that can be verified: 1) Pressing the different colour buttons on the remote to switch personal playlist works fine except for red colour? 2) Pressing up or down arrow to jump track works fine; but when pressing the left or right double arrow it now jumps to the...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by kimhav on 07-22-2009
  • Connection problems between BeoMaster 5/BeoSound 5 and PC (Beoplayer) in Windows Vista

    Hello, a couple of months ago I got a new system with a Beovision 7, Beosound 5 and BeoMaster 5. On my PC I had Beoplayer installed and all worked perfectly for a while: the complete system worked flawlessly and I could transfer my music files and photos to BeoMaster and access them via BeoSound5 and...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by GRebitzer on 07-17-2009
  • Adding picture of CD cover manually

    Hello, I have a Bemaster 5/Beosound 5 system and was wondering how I can add picture of CD cover, there the software does not find them in the database. In the manual it just says that pictures can be added to the folder, but this does not have any effect. Thanks for any help on this Gerald
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by GRebitzer on 05-16-2009
  • Beolink PC2 IR eye

    Hi everybody, I bought IR eye for my Beolink PC2 recently. It comes as a silver disk with 5 buttons and a 3-core cable with 3.5 jack (and a wiring diagram of cause). The matter is: IR signals come through to Beoplayer OK, but no one IR eye button affects Peoplayer regardless of any Beolink option (0...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by s0235400 on 07-17-2008
  • MyBeoPort

    Serching the internet for Beoport stuff I came upon this page Has anyone seen or tried this software? Also I am wondering a little about why the Lintronic box is needed?
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by madskp on 04-28-2008
  • Re: BeoPort and BeoPlayer v4.80 released!

    OK, It's working. Main features: Microsoft Vista SP1 Compatable Microsoft XP SP2 Compatable (According to B&O) Also, the configuration box now has OK, CANCEL & APPLY click boxes (as opposed to clicking the 'x' in the top of the window) No flash upgrade from v4.65 was performed either...
    Posted to Beo-PC (Forum) by g_veare on 04-23-2008
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