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  • Configuring BeoSound 9000 and Beo Active?

    Hi , I have a Beosound 9000 with beolab 8000's connected directly with powerlink cables. i have recently connected a beolink active box and a pair of Pentas in a separate room. I cannot get the pentas to fire up whatever i try. i have set the link room to option 6 on the L.OPT. the IR module responds...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by andyfox33 on 12-30-2007
  • BeoVision 7-40 MKIII and Apple TV

    Hi, here in Holland, I got my new BeoVision 7-40 MKIII, with a Beo4. My dealer flashed the STB code for Apple remote but I'm still not able to use the Beo4 for my Apple TV. Any suggestions?
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by rvanham on 12-01-2007
  • Beosystem 7000 and Beovision 7-40: integration through ML/MCL Converter

    I am seeking assistance with integrating my BV 7-40 with my BS 7000 which is controlling two additional link rooms through MCL. I have a ML/MCL converter (1651) connected to the Beovision through an ML cable and to the Beomaster 7000 through an A/V Link cable using the Power Link socket on the converter...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by davico on 10-28-2007
  • Re: SHIFT on BEO4 and other remotes

    Shift on B&O remotes is a lot like Shift on the PC keyboard - it opens up a lot of secondary features. On the Beolink 1000, for example, I found out by chance that Shift+A.Tape will turn on the second Tape input on my Beocentre 8500, and it's very similar on the Beo4 - uncommon controls are accessed...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Alex Barnett on 10-03-2007
  • What software for music on SD Card?

    Hello to you all, Unbelievable!! I love this forum even if its too big for me to find my way around. I am new to BEO products, and new to this bare with me. I just purchased a new BEOSound 4 with BEOLab 4000. I cant wait to receive it this friday! What I want to know is this: my whole idea of...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by chrisrain on 09-26-2007
  • Re: The Beosystem 3 Owners Thread - reset query

    frog, thanks but the BV4 plasma is not working and i suspect it may be due to a config error, so I need to reset without the on-screen menu. I was hoping there was a hard-reset button on the Beosystem 3 or a Beo4 procedure? cheers
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by cmitchel on 08-26-2007
  • Re: Beo4 Remote Stand

    i have just now seen it Beo4 engagement it is overmuch daintily and contrast, in can't be acquaintance to pulsation an then remorseless production downstairs i want to mass notify a there are some which has seen it would per with pleasure hear from them and do not them which only site and talks without...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by steen on 06-24-2007
  • beo4 + beosound: a.setup (bass, treble etc)

    Moet het mogelijk zijn om met de beo4 de instellingen bass, treble te regelen van de beosound 4? Toegevoegd A.setup, echter bij de keuze bass, treble etc kan ik geen toetsen vinden die hierop reageren (de pijltjes werken als: volgende track zender etc)
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by Frans on 06-22-2007
  • Problems with Beo4

    My very first post on the new Beoworld so, please be tolerant. I have had a Beo4 remote for about 18 months to control my BC 9300. You will not be surprised to hear that, although the BC 9300 is behind me I can 'fire it up' etc no matter which direction I point the Beo4. As from yesterday this...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by jerryatric on 06-19-2007
  • Ipod Dock and Beo4 remote

    Hi everybody, Is it possible to control an Ipod through a special dock with a Beo4? I remember having seen such special docks on ebay few months ago... If anyone has some infos about that..... Cheers, Laurent.
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by matheyl on 06-06-2007
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