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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 02-29-2012 3:01 PM by Rookie. 53 replies.
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  • 02-28-2012 8:42 PM In reply to

    • Jeff
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    Re: The Audiophile & B&O

    Those old Columbia and RCA recordings are amazing.

    Of course, one of the best known classics of jazz that I just love is Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis, and that has to be one of the worst recordings in the history of music. You can hear the saturation distortion followed by clumsy gain riding, but the music is incredible.

    How do you think the mid-80's Beatles discs compare with the latest releases?
  • 02-29-2012 3:18 AM In reply to

    • chartz
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    Re: The Audiophile & B&O

    Yes, I could never understand why people would use this recording as a reference. It is badly recorded, period. The piano is a mess. But yes of course the music is great.

    The Beatles. I could never understand either why those early CDs were so harsh, with little fine treble, as the original LPs sounded far better. Listen to Penny Lane, for instance. The fine cymbal at the end sounds finely etched and very delicate on LP, not so on the early CDs. 

    I bought the double white "anniversary edition" in 1999 (I think) and it sounds bad too.

    I therefore purchased the latest release for testing purposes (the  double blue LP) and expected a lot after all the rave reviews but it doesn't sound very good at all, and curiously the speed is wrong.

    Could it be due to Abbey Road not using the original (Studer?) machines for re-mastering? Or having the EQ settings wrong?

    Very disappointing.


  • 02-29-2012 6:31 AM In reply to

    Re: The Audiophile & B&O

    It's funny that today It was announced that a live performance of the entire Kind Of Blue album will be performed during Copenhagen Jazz Festival this year.

    The concert will be held at the open air scene at Tivoli July 6 2012. It's the opening night of the festival that will have hundreds of concert all over the city for 10 days.

    From the description: "Fronting the ensemble is famed pianist Niels Lan Doky and as a band leader, he has assembled an impressive lineup with the intention of recreating this legendary material in the spirit of its creator Miles Davis."

    I live a 10 minute walk from Tivoli, so I will definately come. If you haven't made plans for your summer holiday you can start here:

  • 02-29-2012 3:01 PM In reply to

    Re: The Audiophile & B&O


    just wanted to contribute some real good CD-Recordings ... Joshua Redman is quite picky about his recordings, his albums sound brilliant on CD.

    As to the audiophile discussion ... right now i am contemplating about selling the audiophile gear i bought 3 month ago (Nuforce V3SE, Nuforce P9, Dynaudio Confidence 2, Velodyne DD10+) and get another pair of Beolab 5's. So much hustle with positioning, cables, sources etc.pp ... i am just tired and kind of frustrated, because it still does not have this grunt, dynamics and texture in the sound ... the Beolab 5 has it all.

    Best regards


    PS: Is there any information about the lineup of Copenhagen Jazz Festival?

    BV 7-40 BR ... Beolab 5 front ... Beolab 8000 rear ... Beolab 2 Sub ... Apple TV ... Apple NAS ... Beosound Ouverture  ... Technisat HD8-S ... Sonos ZP 90

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